[about me]


  • lists with boxes to check off completed tasks.
  • baking sweets & breads
  • doing laundry (weird, I know). Not a fan of folding/putting away the clothes.
  • lyric writing
  • swimming
  • jogging in cold, overcast weather
  • cold, overcast weather in general 🙂
  • fall & winter months: skinny jeans with a long sleeve blouse, boots & a scarf
  • thunder and lightening
  • rainy days at home with a fire = cuddle weather
  • working while it pours rain outside
  • creating art with colored pencils – when my inner 5 year old comes out 🙂
  • clay & painting classes
  • organizing closets, drawers, cupboards, etc.
  • beachy wave watching
  • jolly ranchers
  • entering a warm car when I’m freezing
  • the ducky & monkey emojis
  • the colors Purple and Navy
  • a fresh mani/pedi
  • naps
  • Netflix: Grey’s Anatomy/Scandal/Mad Men, etc.
  • amazon prime
  • frozen yogurt – Rockies anyone?
  • my young living diffuser and oils – heavenly
  • the Golden Girls: Blanche, Dorothy, Rose & Sophia
  • sleeping with a fan on at night
  • mint floss
  • my clarisonic
  • cetaphil body wash
  • hot tea – on a sore throat or cold day
  • at least three (3) lemon slices in iced water
  • crawling into bed [with clean sheets] to sleep after a hot shower
  • the sound of keyboard typing
  • girly coffee mugs
  • closed blinds on windows – aka living like a vampire
  • macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi served at the Brigantine
  • off-white nail polish: opi funny bunny.
  • thoughtful, kind text messages
  • the smell of freshly clean laundry
  • a bubble bath by candle light
  • back scratches and shoulder/foot massage
  • chipotle ranch dressing; especially from Rubios
  • asparagus with a thin/small circumference. giant asparagus is gross.
  • my peppermint oils


  • crocs
  • migraines
  • sneezing while driving
  • the blinding sun
  • working with raw chicken
  • summer weather when its too hot to even think straight
  • feet
  • pointed, witch-like nails
  • screaming “music”
  • people who interrupt you mid-sentence
  • the duck face
  • driving over speed bumps
  • camel toes
  • chipped nail polish
  • eye sleepies
  • putting away laundry
  • every kiss begins with Kay commercials
  • these apologies: “I’m sorry you took it that way, but….”
  • purple skittles

About Me:

  • I am learning to cook – still consider myself a beginner.
  • The thought of hosting a holiday dinner for family makes me anxious.
  • Easily distracted.
  • “Agenda” list lover.
  • Live owls weird me out.
  • Perfectionist – which haunts me more than it helps.
  • 100% an introvert.
  • Extremely moody in the morning, but usually feeling happy 2 hours after waking up.
  • Must shower daily – would shower 2x/day if CA weren’t in a drought.
  • Can’t get into my bed with out clean feet.
  • Favorite time of the day is late evening just before it gets dark.
  • Overcast cold weather is my preference.
  • Ankle cracker (but only in bed) while sleeping or conscious.
  • Sushi & Starbucks are overrated.
  • Weigh myself daily.
  • Actively working on my tendencies of impatience and getting easily frustrated. They go hand in hand.
  • Nightly 9:00p alarm reminder to get ready for bed. I’ve noticed I like crawling into bed early and feel well rested in the morning.

*Updated 3/28/2016.


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