[my best friend]

…has 4 legs, a long body and sausage legs. I still have a hard time believing she will be 7 in January. She is a diva and my baby girl, which scares me that I can actually love a dog as much as I do. What does that mean when I have kids? People have often told me to multiply the amount of love that I have for Zodi by 100 in order to get some sort of an idea of how I’ll feel about my future children. We will see, but for now I’m perfectly content with the fact that I am 28 (almost 29) and completely obsessed with my dog 🙂

Puppy Zodi – 8 weeks old


Zodi – 6 months old
The past 6 years of Halloween costumes
One of my favorite Zodi pics taken 5/14/2015.

Be prepared to see several posts of Zodi on this blog as I am mostly using it to document the important aspects of my life: loved ones. Some of my favorites will also be randomly thrown in here: quotes, recipes, stories and accomplishments. I plan to keep this blog for several plus years to come and am interested to see what the future holds! xx


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