[opi:funny bunny]

For the last 5+ or so years, I’ve noticed that I am extremely uncomfortable with displaying myself in bright, neon or flamboyant colors. This can relate to clothes, make up, accessories and/or nail polish. It doesn’t mean I absolutely wont do it, but when I do… I am highly uncomfortable. I’m often told to “step out” of my comfort zone to avoid being boring or routine. Although this advice is unsolicited (wink, wink) – I can’t help but wonder…Is it a bad thing that I like to stick to my favorites? That I don’t mind if other people find my choice of polish “boring”? It’s not their body so why do they care so much? I do try to push myself in the “fashion” department (clothing/accessories) because I know dressing in all black/neutrals for the rest of my life isn’t realistic. The other day at the nail salon I noticed most of the women were picking nails colors for summer: bright pink, neon orange – even yellow with sparkles! As long as they feel comfortable and happy with that specific color – more power to them! Personally, I’ve haven’t been able to bring myself to pick a color further than a baby pink nude or off white for my hands. Obviously, darker colors on my toes are an easier pill for me to swallow – deep wine reds and purples are sometimes manageable. But for the past 2 years, I’ve mostly stuck with the same color for my nails: OPI’s funny bunny. Its a great off-white that’s neutral enough with only two coats. It’s my absolute favorite & preferred color for my hands and I’ve even started wearing it on my toes, too. I like that it makes my hands and feet look incredibly natural and clean. Basically, the purpose of this post is 1) to remind myself years down the road if I forget some of my current favorite things and 2) to be comfortable and happy with how you present yourself – regardless of what others think 🙂

[Lighting: at home]

[Lighting: fluorescents in the office]

[Lighting: natural sunlight]

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