[our people]

A few mornings ago, I woke up with a migraine and couldn’t stop thinking about the various people who have come in and out of my life. A person who I was once so close with and now life has changed that relationship completely. It’s crazy to think one day your best friend that you talk to daily isn’t a part of your life anymore. All based on circumstances: once parallel lives now run perpendicular, a move due to relocation for a job, having children, an argument turned sour and even death. I’m beginning to remember (and hesitantly) accept the fact that we enter and exit this world on our own. Family, friends and significant others become so close to us that we can’t bear to think of our world with out them – until we are forced apart. If anything, this realization is making me appreciate the precious time I have with each loved one.

In regards to the people I no longer speak to due to circumstances listed above. Do they know how much they meant to me at the peak of our closeness? Do they understand why we are no longer close? If they don’t understand, are they angry with me? Do they randomly think of me and wonder how I am like I am thinking of them and wondering how they are? Are they happy? Do they care if I am happy? Are they just as scared to reach out to me as I am to reach out to them? If they saw me in the grocery store or at a concert would they say hi? Would I say hi or pretend I didn’t see them? If something catastrophic happened to either one of us, would we attend each other’s funerals? At the funeral, would we wish we would have reached out more?…It is all unknown and people rarely discuss this type of situation with one another until it may be too late.

Often times social media leads us to believe & perceive that our lives are perfect and wonderful. Happiness, sunshine and don’t forget the butterflies with rainbows! …Really? I don’t think so… Personally, I think Facebook should have been called Stalkbook or Bragbook due to the unrealistic expectations on how hard life really is. I no longer have a fb, but still have Instagram. I watch the people I “follow” from afar not knowing what is really going on in each of their lives. Their good days, bad days, hardships, heartbreaks and everything in between.

Maybe we are too busy in life to keep in touch or stay on the best of terms with everyone that has ever been close to us. In college, I remember reading an article on how people will enter our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. That has to mean something. I have to end for today, but will keep pondering this subject today, tomorrow and probably for the rest of my life xx


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