[colby jack cheese]

My sweet Colby had his root canal appointment this morning. Surprisingly, the endodontic doctor let me watch the procedure, which wasn’t easy but it was interesting. All went well and C is now at home resting. I wanted to blog about how I can’t wrap my head around how incredibly thoughtful C is as a human being. Every single day.

Today, after his appointment as we were walking out to the car, he pulled me aside and thanked me for being his support system. He gave me the most loving hug and asked how I was doing today – …how I felt on my Monday morning and how I was viewing life in general. HE was the one who just had a painful tooth procedure and he is genuinely asking ME how I am feeling? I don’t know what I did to deserve such a sweet, patient and loving man. He makes me feel special, loved and appreciated every.single.day. Yep – daily. I’m not here to say that we are perfect as we ride into the sunset each night on our perfect white horse. But we are close 🙂 I truly believe what makes us so happy is the amount of respect we have for each other. We are genuinely kind to one another all the time. If I get frustrated or upset, he will give me space (if that’s what I need) OR he will give me his arms and wrap me in a world of love and support. I am blessed that he loves me so much. I can only hope he feels just as loved as he makes me feel.

 I absolutely love who he is as a person – his character and who he is down to his core. Seeing him smile and hearing him laugh makes my heart feel incredibly full. Some recent pictures from this summer – smiling with a happy heart!

My favorite kind of picture 🙂

Palm Desert: August 2015

My 29th birthday dinner: July 2015

July 2015

May 2015



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