[weekend re-cap]

This past weekend was so busy and fun. Friday night we went to Jamie’s birthday BBQ after work, which reunited me with a group I see about once a year on Jamie’s birthday lol. Saturday night we went to dinner to celebrate Colby & Dad’s birthday in a restaurant (last weekend we celebrated via a BBQ at my Dad’s house). Sunday we jogged/biked lake Miramar for some exercise then came home to watch The Walking Dead. Loved the weekend!

[best friends]

[best friends x2]

[mascara & liquid eyeliner for Jamie’s bday]

[Saturday night dinner]

[props to Ruth’s Chris for the customized menu]

[happy birthday confetti that sticks]

[snoozing pup]

[sunset jog]

[lake Miramar]

[the sweetest black bear]

[purple jogging]

Last Friday 10/16 was my first jog in a couple of months due to the harsh summer heat. I try to jog a few times per week to keep my endurance and exercise levels healthy. Jogging also eliminates my bad moods 😉 Unfortunately, the SUMMER 2015 heat waves got the best of me and put my jogging streak on a long pause. I found myself spending most of my weekends hiding from the sun in my air conditioned home. C will confirm my “countdown until Fall” on my iphone calendar.

Now that it is finally starting to cool, I am thrilled to pick up with my jogs that I find are incredibly addictive. It is special, carved out time for me and me alone. Never do I regret a run – even if I am painfully sore (as I was this past weekend), or if it starts raining.

Since I took such a long break, I had to begin nice and easy. With an overcast sky, me and my purple running shoes enjoyed a great run. I am not saying it was easy because it actually kicked my butt. I hurt all over and was tired. I felt out of shape. Regardless, the difficulties I endured were worth it. All 45 minutes of it. Below are some pictures I took to capture my first official run of FALL 2015. I plan to get back out there tomorrow! xx

[my visual interpretation of a fall jog]

[fall jog #2]


[a horse with cow markings watches me run by its barn]

[historical fashion faves]

Below are a few of my favorite past outfits I was able to capture with a picture. For the past several months or so, I’ve been wanting to document my favorite daily outfits, which is what I will do going forward 🙂 I’m thinking a mini-series labeled ‘fashion faves’ xx

Apparently I needed an iron at work 😉
[junealux bracelets]


[Mother’s Day 2015]

[gorgeous bunny]

[coco love]

[work holiday party 2014]


[cousin Ashley at Olive’s baby shower]

[Jamie’s bridal shower]

[Karen & Jamie June 2014]


A few nights ago, I was getting ready for bed and couldn’t stop thinking about the word ‘judgment.’ What it meant and how badly it hurts regardless of how easily it is to do. I get so offended when anyone judges me (or my loved ones) but then wonder why I even cared what they thought in the first place? As I was going back and forth between the sticky world of judgment, a Bob Marley song lyric popped in my head. I immediately grabbed my phone to Google the exact lyric verbiage so I could further comprehend: “I know that I’m not perfect and that I don’t claim to be. So before you point your fingers, be sure your hands are clean.”
I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way to express the negative feelings of judgment. At the end of the day, I truly believe that God is the only one who can judge and love us – regardless of our imperfections. It’s comical to think about the fact that I posted this quote on my Instagram account a few weeks ago. I posted it for 2 reasons: 1) to remind myself to refrain from judging others and 2) to remind others to refrain from judging me! Almost instantly, likers showed up on my iPhone notification screen. I am guessing some people liked it for the quote itself while others purely being Bob Marley fans. I couldn’t help but notice there were a couple people who didn’t like it …and these same people happen to have had a problem with judging others far too frequently 😉
Thank you, Bob Marley for the clever reminder. Incredibly well said! (Or well sang in this case.)
[option #1]
[option #2]

[option #3 (& winner) I posted on IG]



We returned home yesterday afternoon from spending the weekend in Julian for C’s birthday. To put it simply, our weekend was all about us. It was romantic, quiet, calm and completely perfect for celebrating my love’s birthday. We will forever remember Julian as: hot apple cider, apple boysenberry pie, cold air, overcast skies, romantic dinners and so much love.

[the 3-sided fireplace in our cottage]
[c’s birthday basket at happy hour]

[with our Syrah]

[smiles sans teeth 😉 ]


[my artistic attempt at photography lol]

[what relaxation looks like]

[our cottage: the Roxbury]

[the great outdoors]

[birthday poses lol]

[this is what happens when c grabs a hold of the camera]

[a happy girl]

[a little hike by the water river]

[a fall entrance to dinner at the Julian grille]

[birthday bear outside of our cottage]

[mom’s pie: apple boysenberry pie]

[delicious pie x3]

[the Julian bookstore]


[our view from the cottage]

[sad to drop off the Roxbury keys]

[wild turkeys as we left Orchard Hill County Inn]

[hot apple cider …& more pie]
[a truly memorable weekend for us]