[september 2015: overview]

With the beginning of October on us today, I wanted to reflect on September 2015. It was a happy month with my sweetheart black bear and baby girl! Here’s a visual reflection of this past month.

Little Zodi fell asleep on the couch with her back right foot hanging off the couch. We laughed and had to take a picture to remember! 🙂

I went to crawl into bed and saw this on my side of the bed…too cute!

Snuggles while Momma works.

A delicious fish dinner my baby and I made together 🙂 So delicious!

Dog park with Zodi on Labor Day Weekend. Happy girl 😀

Pictures of my custom order from Junealux. Expensive but worth every penny!



A clever reminder from Bob Marley.

Snapchat love sent to my black bear ❤

Received some love from my baby.

An unexpected allergic reaction on a Friday night. Colby helped me find the best remedy – water with baking soda which worked like a charm.
My office views
There are lots of fun events happening in October!
  • Officially Fall 🙂
  • Looking forward to colder weather; preferably overcast for my jogs.
  • Dinner with Jamie 10/1
  • Julian trip for Colby’s birthday 10/2-10/4
  • Danielle’s baby shower 10/4
  • Birthday dinners for Colby’s birthday the week of 10/5
  • Lunch with Candice 10/8
  • Our year anniversary of dating: 10/10
  • Dental exam on 10/15 (ok so this one isn’t fun, but necessary).
  • Dad’s 53rd birthday 10/17
  • Jamie’s 29th birthday 10/30
  • Halloween 10/31 – need a costume for Zodi Bug.
There are many reasons to celebrate and look forward to this month!

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