We returned home yesterday afternoon from spending the weekend in Julian for C’s birthday. To put it simply, our weekend was all about us. It was romantic, quiet, calm and completely perfect for celebrating my love’s birthday. We will forever remember Julian as: hot apple cider, apple boysenberry pie, cold air, overcast skies, romantic dinners and so much love.

[the 3-sided fireplace in our cottage]
[c’s birthday basket at happy hour]

[with our Syrah]

[smiles sans teeth 😉 ]


[my artistic attempt at photography lol]

[what relaxation looks like]

[our cottage: the Roxbury]

[the great outdoors]

[birthday poses lol]

[this is what happens when c grabs a hold of the camera]

[a happy girl]

[a little hike by the water river]

[a fall entrance to dinner at the Julian grille]

[birthday bear outside of our cottage]

[mom’s pie: apple boysenberry pie]

[delicious pie x3]

[the Julian bookstore]


[our view from the cottage]

[sad to drop off the Roxbury keys]

[wild turkeys as we left Orchard Hill County Inn]

[hot apple cider …& more pie]
[a truly memorable weekend for us]

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