[purple jogging]

Last Friday 10/16 was my first jog in a couple of months due to the harsh summer heat. I try to jog a few times per week to keep my endurance and exercise levels healthy. Jogging also eliminates my bad moods 😉 Unfortunately, the SUMMER 2015 heat waves got the best of me and put my jogging streak on a long pause. I found myself spending most of my weekends hiding from the sun in my air conditioned home. C will confirm my “countdown until Fall” on my iphone calendar.

Now that it is finally starting to cool, I am thrilled to pick up with my jogs that I find are incredibly addictive. It is special, carved out time for me and me alone. Never do I regret a run – even if I am painfully sore (as I was this past weekend), or if it starts raining.

Since I took such a long break, I had to begin nice and easy. With an overcast sky, me and my purple running shoes enjoyed a great run. I am not saying it was easy because it actually kicked my butt. I hurt all over and was tired. I felt out of shape. Regardless, the difficulties I endured were worth it. All 45 minutes of it. Below are some pictures I took to capture my first official run of FALL 2015. I plan to get back out there tomorrow! xx

[my visual interpretation of a fall jog]

[fall jog #2]


[a horse with cow markings watches me run by its barn]

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