[bad days]

I can’t say that I have had many ‘bad days’ in my life. There’s been a few, but nothing like Tuesday 11/17. I felt like a completely different person and here’s a few reasons why:

  1. I woke up late.
  2. Two clients yelled then hung up on me.
  3. PMS was in full swing.
  4. Jogging didn’t happen.
  5. It was the busiest day ever at work.
  6. A family friend’s grandfather passed away.
  7. A miscommunication with a co-worker was hurtful.
  8. I felt fat.

At lunch, C and I ate in my car so I could get away from the office and feel a sense of privacy/safety. I remember telling him I wanted to tune out for the rest of the day and go home to sulk. He saw me in raw form and I was even ashamed of the thoughts/words that were coming out of my mouth. (I call that word vomit). Although everything in my body wanted to call it quits and head home, something told me it wasn’t the right thing to do. In life, there will be good and bad days and it’s not fair to call it quits just because of a hard day. I decided to stay at work and push through. Yes, I hated it. Every second up until 5:00p felt like an eternity. With my door closed, I felt like a grumpy little hermit pouting in my dark office.

On the way home, C drove. I pulled my HUGE blanket over me (which is usually stored in my trunk for picnics) and sat in complete silence most of the way home. Yes, there were tears. I’ll say it again, this day was so frustrating it made me feel like someone else. Side note: I have the world’s sweetest boyfriend. C told me he loved me and held my hand. I remember telling him my day would have been 100x worse if he wasn’t in my life. He makes my world better, sweeter, brighter and happier. When we pulled into our parking spot, I was still pouting but felt better knowing home was close. As we were gathering our things out of the car, something unexpected happened. A dog owner walked by with her two English Bulldogs. I heard a faint pup cry and looked to see one of the dogs looking at me with the sweetest eyes. He pulled his body in such a way and started to walk towards me. When his owner pulled him back towards her, he persisted. Eventually, his owner won and he went with her. I think he felt my sad energy. The look in his eyes and funny fat body made me smile. I’m not sure what that all meant, but I love animals and maybe that was God’s way of cheering me up.

When we walked inside, I bolted into the bedroom to change into my PJs. I dove into bed with my heating pad, Zodi and Golden Girls. For 45 minutes, I laid in the same position and soaked up the amazing comfort of being home. I knew this moment felt so nice because I pushed through. There were things to do, so I got up and changed to head to the store. C and I needed to grab dinner and ingredients for pecan pie. The rest of the night was better and my pecan pie was a hit the following night at Robin’s Thanksgiving 🙂

Before I end, I want to make a special comment about my mom and C. My mom came to visit me at work and continuously texted me to make sure I was ok. C was there for me the whole day, even when I was extra grouchy 😉 I am thankful for the both of them.

I realize this was just a bad day mixed in with PMS. It happens. Without a few bad days from time to time, the good ones wouldn’t be so good 🙂


This past weekend, I ran 2.6 miles on Saturday afternoon. It was hot, so I unexpectedly had to stop by 7-11 for water. Unfortunately, there was no Apple Pay which  meant I was out of luck. The checker lady saw my let down facial expression and told me to go grab a cup and fill it with filtered water – no charge. I was so thankful to her! I only needed a couple gulps to rehydrate enough to finish my run. Thanks 7-11 lady!

This weekend consisted of running errands, exercising, laundry and cooking but it was eventful too. Saturday night we went to dinner with Chris/Jason then to Kyra’s Macbeth play. A different and special night 🙂 Sunday we had Thanks-ween-mas at Peggy & Dan’s house, which was dress up for Halloween. C and I went as a magician & white rabbit 🙂 It was a fun weekend filled with refreshingly new activities while being productive at the same time.

It is very cold today, so I took advantage and ran 2.5 miles at lunch 🙂 I’ve been running every other day since last Sunday (11/8/2015), which is a streak so far! Both C and my mom have expressed being proud of me, which means the world. It just makes me want to keep going! Feeling happy, stronger and proud.

Until my next post xx

[Saturday jog: graffiti art]

[self explanatory]
[11/16/2015 run]

[two days apart]

This work week I ran 2.5 miles on Tuesday & today (Thursday) on my lunch breaks. While running, if I see something that speaks to me I try to catch a visual photo to remember it by. On Tuesday, I saw a patch of pretty green leaves and decided to take a picture in them: of course signifying fall 🙂 Turns out, I ran down the same street on today’s run and found the same pile of leaves…but they looked different. Duh – of course I had to document them. It’s amazing what transpired to these leaves in just two days.

[November 10, 2015: 64 degrees & cloudy]

[November 12, 2015: 74 degrees & sunny]

On Sunday 11/5/2015, Colby and I ran 3 miles in the evening around 6pm. It was a dark, cold and hard run. We signed up for the 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and are trying to prepare 🙂 We had a blast running together, but again realized that jogging is not always going to be easy. We ran most of the 3 miles in silence and some unexpected things happened on this jog:

1) We ran by 2-3 different houses with aromas of refreshing laundry being done. I envisioned a mom doing laundry while dinner cooked. Somewhere in her home, she had a window propped open, not realizing the runners outside were commenting on how amazing that laundry detergent/softener smelled. I wonder which brand she uses…

2) Sunday nights must still be the night for BBQs. No matter how cold it was, we smelt DINNER – more than once!

3) My legs and/or lungs weren’t begging to walk. For the past few weeks, I’ve been making it a point to jog about 4x/week. Don’t ask me why, but I really enjoy jogging. Within the past 10+ days or so, I’ve noticed after the first mile I am golden. The first mile is a liar. But once mile #1 has come and gone, I can keep running and not feel defeated. My body and lungs are getting stronger. I must admit, this is such a sweet reward 🙂 So far this week I’ve ran a total 8 miles… and I am proud of myself.

Until my next post! xx

[october 2015: overview]

October was a happy, memorable month. There were several birthday celebrations, our year anniversary and Halloween. I’ve already blogged about the birthdays (C, Dad & Jamie), but below are some other fond memories of this past month.

[hand cuddles with furry child]

[a fresh manicure from Star Nails]

[snapchat selfie sent to C]

[a ‘purse wall’ to keep baby girl from jumping on me]

[our motto: respect, love & kindess]
[my not so fresh manicure]

[my fav dish at the brig: mahi mahi]

[jogging day]

[an outfit favorite]

[side few]

[another jog with skeleton decor]

[yet another jogging hour…:)]

[snapchat love, again sent to C]

[he loves baby bear…me!]

[carving pumpkins on Halloween night]


[pumpkins, Zodi and snapchat]

[pukey cute text messages]

[shocker: another jogging pic]

[lake Miramar at sunset]

[one of my favorite pictures of C! at Lexi’s softball games]

[66 degrees with a 60% chance of rain]

When I woke up this morning, I had every intention of dressing in normal clothes for work. THENNN Colby informed me of today’s weather forecast:

66 degrees with a good chance of rain, mostly cloudy.

I almost peed; I was that excited. If there is one certain question [most] joggers have, it is: Is it fall yet? Running in a cold, overcast climate is pure joy (for me). The cold air helps cool my body from over heating and a cloudy sky helps my eyes from squinting / future wrinkles 😉 I quickly changed into my running gear, grabbed my sports bag and headed to work with C.

When I arrived at work, I was reminded by Melanie that we had an insurance meeting scheduled at 10:30am, which would last an hour. Melanie and I were supposed to train for an hour (work related stuff) and I still had to do my morning payment plans/51Es. Let’s not forget I would be sitting in a meeting amongst all of my co-workers in my jogging attire. Good one, Courtney.

Regardless of today being the busiest day ever, I pushed through. Melanie and I decided to push our training hour to Thursday because of the busy day. I helped Pam set up an Outlook Meeting Invitation to avoid future “forgotten meetings.” She loved it and seems to want to use it going forward for all meetings. The insurance meeting actually went well ..and I noticed other people were casually dressed, too. I scarfed down a banana in the meeting, while trying to avoid looking like a complete pig. My amazingly supportive black bear offered to pick up lunch so I could go on my run at noon. How lucky am I? 🙂

By 12:01, I was outside and headed on my running trail. Although the sun peaked out a little here and there, it was super cold, cloudy and windy! At one point, the wind was so strong I felt like it was pushing me backwards. I love when the wind does that 🙂 I made it back by 12:45 and enjoyed a salad with my sweetheart. I am thankful to him for offering to get lunch so I could get in some exercise.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

I have never once regretted going on a jog. I have never once regretted exercising. This specially carved out “me time” takes 30-45 minutes and its better than doing nothing at all. No matter how busy life gets, I can find the time to exercise if I really want to.

[my view]
[under tree stretches]