[october 2015: overview]

October was a happy, memorable month. There were several birthday celebrations, our year anniversary and Halloween. I’ve already blogged about the birthdays (C, Dad & Jamie), but below are some other fond memories of this past month.

[hand cuddles with furry child]

[a fresh manicure from Star Nails]

[snapchat selfie sent to C]

[a ‘purse wall’ to keep baby girl from jumping on me]

[our motto: respect, love & kindess]
[my not so fresh manicure]

[my fav dish at the brig: mahi mahi]

[jogging day]

[an outfit favorite]

[side few]

[another jog with skeleton decor]

[yet another jogging hour…:)]

[snapchat love, again sent to C]

[he loves baby bear…me!]

[carving pumpkins on Halloween night]


[pumpkins, Zodi and snapchat]

[pukey cute text messages]

[shocker: another jogging pic]

[lake Miramar at sunset]

[one of my favorite pictures of C! at Lexi’s softball games]

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