[two days apart]

This work week I ran 2.5 miles on Tuesday & today (Thursday) on my lunch breaks. While running, if I see something that speaks to me I try to catch a visual photo to remember it by. On Tuesday, I saw a patch of pretty green leaves and decided to take a picture in them: of course signifying fall 🙂 Turns out, I ran down the same street on today’s run and found the same pile of leaves…but they looked different. Duh – of course I had to document them. It’s amazing what transpired to these leaves in just two days.

[November 10, 2015: 64 degrees & cloudy]

[November 12, 2015: 74 degrees & sunny]

On Sunday 11/5/2015, Colby and I ran 3 miles in the evening around 6pm. It was a dark, cold and hard run. We signed up for the 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and are trying to prepare 🙂 We had a blast running together, but again realized that jogging is not always going to be easy. We ran most of the 3 miles in silence and some unexpected things happened on this jog:

1) We ran by 2-3 different houses with aromas of refreshing laundry being done. I envisioned a mom doing laundry while dinner cooked. Somewhere in her home, she had a window propped open, not realizing the runners outside were commenting on how amazing that laundry detergent/softener smelled. I wonder which brand she uses…

2) Sunday nights must still be the night for BBQs. No matter how cold it was, we smelt DINNER – more than once!

3) My legs and/or lungs weren’t begging to walk. For the past few weeks, I’ve been making it a point to jog about 4x/week. Don’t ask me why, but I really enjoy jogging. Within the past 10+ days or so, I’ve noticed after the first mile I am golden. The first mile is a liar. But once mile #1 has come and gone, I can keep running and not feel defeated. My body and lungs are getting stronger. I must admit, this is such a sweet reward 🙂 So far this week I’ve ran a total 8 miles… and I am proud of myself.

Until my next post! xx


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