This past weekend, I ran 2.6 miles on Saturday afternoon. It was hot, so I unexpectedly had to stop by 7-11 for water. Unfortunately, there was no Apple Pay which  meant I was out of luck. The checker lady saw my let down facial expression and told me to go grab a cup and fill it with filtered water – no charge. I was so thankful to her! I only needed a couple gulps to rehydrate enough to finish my run. Thanks 7-11 lady!

This weekend consisted of running errands, exercising, laundry and cooking but it was eventful too. Saturday night we went to dinner with Chris/Jason then to Kyra’s Macbeth play. A different and special night 🙂 Sunday we had Thanks-ween-mas at Peggy & Dan’s house, which was dress up for Halloween. C and I went as a magician & white rabbit 🙂 It was a fun weekend filled with refreshingly new activities while being productive at the same time.

It is very cold today, so I took advantage and ran 2.5 miles at lunch 🙂 I’ve been running every other day since last Sunday (11/8/2015), which is a streak so far! Both C and my mom have expressed being proud of me, which means the world. It just makes me want to keep going! Feeling happy, stronger and proud.

Until my next post xx

[Saturday jog: graffiti art]

[self explanatory]
[11/16/2015 run]

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