[a memorable weekend]

I want to remember last weekend forever. Nothing big, no huge news but rather just a really great weekend:

Friday 12/4/15:
I love working in an office – especially during the holidays. During the month of December, my co-workers are generally happy, in the Christmas spirit and excited to spend the fall/holiday season with family. On this particular Friday, we were all so excited for the work holiday party on Saturday night. The girls gushed about what their dresses looked like and what time they were planning to arrive at the hotel on Saturday. By 3:30p, most everyone was gone for the day. Since I finished my work and didn’t take a lunch break, I clocked out around 4p and started a nice, long jog. The air was cool and I felt content. About 3.5 miles later, I realized I didn’t want to end my jog but had to because it was starting to get dark. I don’t characterize runs often as ‘amazing,’ but this one was just that. I felt productive, active, healthy and happy. Such a great way to end the work week!

[a sky shot before my run]

Side note: Of course, there are days where I wish I could stay home, run my errands, clean the house and have dinner on the table by 6:00p. It would be SO nice to have the time to take care of the home. But then I realize my time will come when it is the right time. Currently, I am helping my father’s company thrive and it gives me self worth 🙂 Until I have kids, this works for me…but let’s chat when I add “Mommy” to my resume 🙂

After my run, C and I went home to eat dinner and watch a movie. We are total home-bodies, most of our Friday/Saturday nights are at home, cuddled on the couch enjoying each other.

[home sweet home on a Friday night with C & Z]

Saturday 12/5/15:
I woke up excited for the day. We started our day by going to Greens Please for a healthy green drink breakfast. After dropping Zodi off at dog daycare, we headed to get C’s hair cut then came back home to finish packing.

[Poway road west of Filipe’s by 7-11]

[love my furr baby]

By noon, we were headed to the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort to check in. Every year, the company pays for each employee (and their guest) to enjoy a spa service or play a round of golf. We chose 50 minute massages, which were scheduled for 1p on Saturday. Let me tell you, an unforgettable experience in a 5 star hotel. After the spa, our room was ready so we went upstairs to relax and slowly get ready for the cocktail hour & dinner with our co-workers. The party was fun, although we both thought the music was too loud once the dancing began. An ‘open bar’ created entertainment as some were too intoxicated to walk by the end of the night. No judgment here, just easily amused! I know how I must sound, but its true – we are old people in younger bodies 😉 What floats our boat may not float someone else’s. All in all, a fun night with great company.

[the view from our hotel room]
[Melanie – known her since I was 5]

[if we don’t snap a pic now, we might forget…]
[cheers to a fabulous year together]


Sunday 12/6/15:
You know the drill – waking up in a hotel the day of ‘check out’ is basically sleeping in as late as you can with enough time to pack and leave by the deadline time. We had to pick Zodi up by noon, so we were out of the hotel before 11a with plenty of time to spare. We work well as a team, so the morning was pleasant. Once we had Zodi, we finished the day with chores. The car needed gas, lunch pit stop, home to unpack, shower, laundry and making sure the house was clean.

[our view Sunday morning: headed home]

We relaxed Sunday night, made dinner and got to bed early to be ready for the work week. Monday blues were in full force as it was ‘back to reality,’ but we are so grateful for such a memorable weekend!


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