This work week was filled with mixed emotions: blah, happy, tired, thankful, cranky, etc. You name the emotion and you bet I felt it. I hate PMS and all that comes along with it, but this blog is more for me to freely express myself versus pretending everything is peachy. How boring!

On Monday, I mostly felt blah after such a fun weekend. After work, C and I went to my brother’s 1st frosh basket ball game with the family then to Five Guys afterwards for dinner. A late night getting home, but it was worth it.

Tuesday was a tad better mood-wise (for me), but unfortunately Colby was sick with a cold. How I managed to skate by sick-free is beyond me. Usually, if C is sick I was the person who gave it to him or am fighting it along side with him. After work, I went for a gorgeous early evening run then came home to make dinner for Mr. Sicky 😉 I love taking care of him, regardless if he is sick or not.


[gender colors in the sky]

[this was obviously more gorgeous in person]


[chicken noodle soup, toast & OJ for C. He inhaled it]
I woke up Wednesday morning to an iPhone reminder of my hair appointment that day after work. C stayed home from work again (sad face) and rested. I made it to my appointment earlier than expected, so C (ZODI) and I were able to Face Time beforehand 🙂 I picked up dinner on my way home for us and we made it a point to head to bed early.

Thursday I was tired, cranky, irritable, tired and frustrated. ALL.DAY.LONG. Did I mention I was tired? Hi, PMS! Work was rough then around 4p I went for a run.
Not only did I feel like I was running at a snail’s pace, but accidentally ran right through horse shit. What the heck!? This is disgusting, but the crap was completely dried out so it didn’t stick to my running shoes. Thankfully! When I ended my run, I drove home to an unbelievable dinner waiting for me: steak, avocado, asparagus, salad and rice. Again, he is an amazing cook and thoughtful for preparing this for us. After dinner, I showered and was in bed by 7:30 – feeling exhausted. We watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (LOL) because we were temporarily burnt out on Netflix and thought WHY NOT?
As I type this, it is Friday or FriYAY! Colby has no idea, but this was delivered to work today. I ordered it last week and it came early 🙂
It’s currently hidden deep in my purse. When we get home, I’ll wait until he is gone to hang his next to our stockings. Eager to see how long it takes him to notice 😉 Tonight we are planning to stay home, have dinner and relax. This weekend will be another busy one so tonight will be the only down time we have. W

ill recap the weekend on Monday or Tuesday xx

Stocking update 12/15/2015:
Colby absolutely loved his stocking and was super thankful. It took him a little while to notice and eventually the suspense killed me so I gave him a hint 😉 This time of year is already special but he makes it even better.


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