[gone running]

I’m coming to the realization that I’m officially showing (and feeling) signs of getting older. Years ago, I used to be able to eat like a horse without thinking twice about what increased number the scale would show me the next day. Those days are gone. Sitting on the floor to wrap holiday presents was a breeze and now my lower back aches the whole time. Again, those days are gone.

Since Monday, I’ve gotten a total of three (3) runs in this week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It breaks my heart that my hips and lower back hurt during these runs. I find jogging beneficial on a variety of levels, so stopping is not an option (as of today). My current plan of action is to take it day by day. Use ice/heat when necessary, visit the chiropractor more often and stretching my body daily. Taking the bad with the good is sometimes the best plan. Oh – and I’m jogging tomorrow too 😉






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