[farewell 2015]

New Years Eve – again! 2015 has *easily* been the happiest year of my life, to date. To name a few, I feel productive and valuable at work. I am in a healthy, respectful relationship. We have a beautiful, warm “homey” apartment to call home. Running has been a huge part of my physical and psychological well-being. 2015 was mostly about finding a healthy balance between all aspects of life. I feel a strong sense of pride and gratitude for 2015, today and the future.

Our NYE plans are low-key, yet meaningful. This afternoon, I am looking forward to a manicure/pedicure date with my mom, followed by a Mexican dinner with my sweetheart, family and friends. After dinner, we plan to head home to ring in a safe new year with the pup, Netflix and smiles on our faces. Happy 2016!

[2015 at a glance]

[12/30/15: time for a run]

[loving this shot of C reading the TV mount directions]

[because Santa hats were too fun this year]

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