[less is more | more or less]

I believe some of the best people in the world can still use a healthy dose of self improvement in their daily lives. A big concept I try to live by is ‘everything in moderation.’ Finding a healthy balance keeps my heart happy. I work on myself daily (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc).  Lately my lifestyle has been as such:

  • Getting active at least 2x on weekends versus overly relaxing for an extended period of time.
  • Consuming healthier foods versus foods with large amounts of sugars and carbs.
  • Working on puzzles, art journaling and reading versus watching Netflix every night.
  • Leaving work at 5:00p versus staying super late; which bleeds into my evenings/stress level.
  • Spending more time with family and friends versus being too much of a home hermit.
  • Finding alternative forms of exercise (roller blading, elliptical, swimming) versus constantly jogging, which hurts my hips 😦
  • Getting ready for bed ~8:00p versus 10:30p.
  • Grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon versus racing to the store after work each night.
  • Drinking more water daily versus filing up on coffee and food.
  • Enjoying smaller portions of carbohydrates once/week versus eating the whole portion daily.
Thinking positively and trying my best is my goal on a daily basis 🙂


[sc addict]

I have recently realized that I am a full snapchat addict. I appreciate that snapchat photos don’t last forever, unless you intend them to do so. The fun colors, filters and fonts make me feel like a kid again as it adds a level of fun to daily life.

[NASA nerds 1.21.16]


[still dying of laughter]

[happy ‘caturday’!]

[ya I have no idea lol]

[an enjoyable morning jog 1.23.16]
[cold & overcast!]

[silly pup rolling on the patio carpet]

[Vintana bday dinner for Michelle]


[1.24.16 – Lake Miramar via roller blades]

[exhausted and ready for smoothie]

[this darn jigsaw puzzle]

[1.26.16 happy girl]


Recently, an employee at work was accused of something horrible. Crime-status – basically fraud. When it was brought to my attention, I literally couldn’t not make sense of it in my head. I was completely shocked, not to mention confused! The accusations were basically coming from an invalid report via our technological database that is known to have a few glitches. The report made it seem like little to no work was being done even though an 8 hour day was charged to the time clock. This report, later being invalid didn’t become invalid until several hours after I was made aware of this whole situation. After speaking with the employee, it was clear they were innocent, hardworking and insulted of such accusations. We were both put in a difficult situation to wait until yet another report was ran to determine if the level of expectations were met. Waiting feels like an eternity – for a brief period I felt like I was given a glimpse of how awful ‘not knowing’ feels like. Although everything is cleared up now, I can’t help but think how far off technology (and people) can be at times. We often rely solely on technology when that is not the only factor to consider. In this situation, the initial report was ran incorrectly by an employee who has been with the company for over 20 years. Again, life is full of surprises and some good came out of this situation. With that being said, I’m really hoping this type of mishap doesn’t occur again due to this individual’s job potentially being in jeopardy. As a company, I am glad we took a step back to ensure this situation was dealt with to the fullest of care, thought and compassion.

[7 years]

Today is my baby girl’s 7th birthday 🙂 It’s sad to mentally grasp the fact that each year with her goes by faster than the previous one. She is the sweetest pup and constantly by my side. I deeply wish it was possible for her to have as many birthdays as I do to ensure we can be in this life together forever ❤


[early january]

January thus far has consisted of a ton of rain, lots of jogging, a new haircut, dinner/lunch dates with friends, Hunter’s birthday dinner and a trip to Disneyland. Super thankful for these fond memories 🙂

[snapchat love from my loves]

[maggiano’s dinner 1.7.16]

[Saturday 1.19.16 at the mall]

[puzzle with a lap dog]

[a sweet gift – to hold my daily vitamins]

[new haircut via snapchat]

[1.13.16 jog]

[a quick picture with baby girl before dinner with Jamie]

[Friday night! 1.15.16]

[Organizing xmas stuff before hauling it to storage]

[Harper’s 2nd birthday BBQ 1.17.16]

[Harper’s 2nd bday – Disneyland 1.18.16]

[It’s a small world…get it?]

[bunny’s maiden name]