[early january]

January thus far has consisted of a ton of rain, lots of jogging, a new haircut, dinner/lunch dates with friends, Hunter’s birthday dinner and a trip to Disneyland. Super thankful for these fond memories 🙂

[snapchat love from my loves]

[maggiano’s dinner 1.7.16]

[Saturday 1.19.16 at the mall]

[puzzle with a lap dog]

[a sweet gift – to hold my daily vitamins]

[new haircut via snapchat]

[1.13.16 jog]

[a quick picture with baby girl before dinner with Jamie]

[Friday night! 1.15.16]

[Organizing xmas stuff before hauling it to storage]

[Harper’s 2nd birthday BBQ 1.17.16]

[Harper’s 2nd bday – Disneyland 1.18.16]

[It’s a small world…get it?]

[bunny’s maiden name]

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