[sc addict]

I have recently realized that I am a full snapchat addict. I appreciate that snapchat photos don’t last forever, unless you intend them to do so. The fun colors, filters and fonts make me feel like a kid again as it adds a level of fun to daily life.

[NASA nerds 1.21.16]


[still dying of laughter]

[happy ‘caturday’!]

[ya I have no idea lol]

[an enjoyable morning jog 1.23.16]
[cold & overcast!]

[silly pup rolling on the patio carpet]

[Vintana bday dinner for Michelle]


[1.24.16 – Lake Miramar via roller blades]

[exhausted and ready for smoothie]

[this darn jigsaw puzzle]

[1.26.16 happy girl]

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