I am late in posting this, but I still want to get these memories in blog form to reminisce. The past weekend was emotionally enjoyable for me, and I think it was because I felt productive and confident.

C and I left work early on Friday to see The Revenant. We never ditch work early to see a movie, so it was exciting to take this time for us. The movie was emotionally taxing, but a great story. After the movie, we headed home to order a pizza and work on the jigsaw puzzle. This damn jigsaw puzzle has been a challenge.

[it’s Friday and we’re headed to the movies]
Saturday morning, I went for a run while C went to the gym. I have a new route around Carmel Mountain Ranch that I am really enjoying the past few Saturday mornings. Luck was on my side and gave me an overcast, chilly run.

[relaxing after running]
We headed to Robin’s house around 12:30 to spend time with her and Kyra for the afternoon. (C’s mom and sister). It was nice to spent time with them for a few hours 🙂 We left around 4p and headed to the mall to spend some old gift cards and buy C a couple new hats. We enjoyed dinner at Panera then walked the mall. I had to wipe the drool from my mouth once I laid eyes on this:
We ran by the market to pick up a few items before returning home (toilet paper, paper towels lol). With only a few dozen pieces left of the jigsaw puzzle, we finally completed this beast:
[over it and proud at the same time]
We watched about 3 episodes of Breaking Bad after the puzzle shenanigans before falling asleep. On Sunday morning, it was raining. We chose to forego Lake Miramar for a cozy day at home 🙂 We made breakfast, did 5 loads of laundry, watched EVEREST, made a soup dinner in the crockpot and I read some of my book How to win friends and influence people. It was the perfect, productive and happiest weekend. I’m all about working hard during the week, but when Friday afternoon says hello I can’t help but join in on the weekend fun xx


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