[customer service]

A few weeks ago, we were changing the bed sheets when I realized how small the queen mattress looked. No wonder we were both feeling crammed while sleeping. No wonder C’s feet hang off the end of the mattress…this thing looked incredibly small. From that moment on, my mind frame was: time for a new mattress. I’ve had the queen since 2007 and just need something bigger and more supportive. Thursday night after work, we went to Sleep Train in Carmel Mountain Ranch. We both experienced the best customer/sales service ever. As soon as we walked in the store, Keith welcomed us with a friendly smile. We were given the full tour of hybrid, memory foam and coil mattresses. I can’t stress how important customer service means to us. It’s almost as if Keith was our friend, yet still professional. Win, win! Not only did we end up buying an excellent mattress, but we also decided to get the moveable bed frame to elevate the head/feet.

[goodbye Queen]

[patiently waiting]

[new mattress: cal king serta icomfort – no coils]

[zodi likes the new bed]

I worked from home on Friday due to the mattress being delivered on Friday afternoon. I had the sweetest little helper while I worked 🙂

Saturday morning, we made breakfast then jogged Lake Miramar to enjoy the beautiful weather. (It was a little hot for my preference, but there was a breeze thankfully!) After a quick stop at Jamba Juice, we went to Mor & Ashley Furniture to look for a headboard. We were unlucky, so we grabbed an early dinner at Rubio’s and headed home for a relaxing night together.
Side Note/Rant regarding: our visit at Ashley Furniture. As soon as we entered the store, we noticed a salesman literally running after us. We explained we were just browsing, but would let him know if we had any questions. Once we found a bed frame we liked, we looked around and saw (what looked like a manager) walking by us with a clipboard. When we stopped him to ask a few questions, he clearly seemed irritated to be speaking with us. We both thought he was rude and unfriendly. What the heck happened to customer service – manager or salesman? We didn’t see the manager again during this visit. I didn’t get his name, but we found the (Mohawk hairstyle) salesman (who chased us down upon entering the store). When we began to ask him questions about price, he switched the conversation to asking us how much we paid for our new mattress. I politely told him we didn’t feel comfortable providing that information. A few minutes later, he asked AGAIN what we paid for our mattress. I couldn’t believe it. When he began verbally estimating what we paid for it, I knew we wouldn’t purchase anything at this store. We didn’t find him to be kind or friendly. He excused himself to help another customer once he sensed we weren’t interested in purchasing the bed frame. A salesman (who seemed so eager for our business 30 minutes earlier), watched us walk out of the store.. and didn’t try to stop us. Ashley Furniture (Miramar location) needs to brush up on Customer Service 101. We will not return to Ashley Furniture. Ok the rant is over 😉 lol.
Sunday, we saw Dr. McKnight, grabbed a quick pedicure, went grocery shopping then headed home to make guacamole for Superbowl 50. Around 2:00p we arrived at my dads house and enjoyed the football festivities. C’s guacamole was inhaled – mostly by me 🙂 #oink We had an exciting, productive weekend and were both sad to see it go by so quickly.

[my sweet girl]
Until next time! xx

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