[coping with anger]

A few days ago, Colby and I were both disrespected in such a way that made us cringe. It was unexpected, cruel and immature. Since we are two separate individuals, we responded differently. C remained calm, letting it roll off his back while I grew more upset by the minute.

By the time we arrived home, I knew I should have let it go already. I felt trapped, unable to breathe and internally on fire. To put it bluntly, it was pure anger that couldn’t be ignored. As I took off my work shoes, a light bulb turned on – I need to run. Exercise will replace this anger with exhaustion (endorphins, too!). And guess what? That is exactly what happened. I changed into my running gear, grabbed my stuff and bolted out the door. Each step I took while running was exhilarating as I could literally feel the ‘anger’ emotion leave my body.

I constantly have to remind myself that life isn’t always going to be wonderful. It is downright hard and challenging at times. However, its how we react to those situations that define our character. I wish I was the kind of person who can always “go with the flow” and not let certain situations bother me…but I’m not and I can’t. For some people; a hot bath, yoga, crying, meditation, reading or cooking can help calm their ‘anger’ emotion. About 90% of the time (for me, its running). The other 10%, its a hot shower followed by lemon tea and a good book in bed.

Each person is different in how they cope with the anger emotion. I truly believe there is no right or wrong method; as long as it is a healthy release.

I am thankful to Colby for accepting me for who I am (fire leo and all). Also, by the time we got home the sun was already starting to set. Knowing that I needed to run, C ran with me so that I wouldn’t have to run alone in the dark. Running isn’t his favorite, but he put is personal feelings aside for mine. He is a selfless man who I am beyond lucky to be with each day.

xx cmm


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