A three day weekend is something I get excited about. I work reallllly hard, so when there is a holiday I take that time for me.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in which I really don’t understand as to why its a holiday. Frankly, I believe love should be celebrated daily through respect, friendship, genuine love and kindness. Regardless, we join in on the exaggerated day of love like the rest of them 😉

How we spent Valentine’s Day 2016:

  • C made me breakfast – eggs, toast, bacon, coffe and Cr-OJ!
  • I surprised C with Darius Rucker concert tickets in July 🙂
  • C surprised me with a ‘Running Girl’ sweatshirt I saw months ago at Sports Authority.
  • We hiked Torrey Pines – the most gorgeous views of cliffs and the ocean (see below).
  • Ate lunch outside on the patio at my choice of restaurant – I chose RUBIOS!
  • Enjoyed a 90 minute massage here to relax from the hike 🙂
  • Went home, ordered pizza and spent a romantic evening at home together 🙂

[every day with him is Valentine’s Day]

[on top of the world! or a cliff]

[can’t get better than THIS]
[enjoying the 30 min foot massage]

Monday was a holiday, so my girlfriend Jamie and I went to Lake Miramar. It was ridiculously hot, but we still had a great time enjoying each other’s company.

[the hottest visit to LM with my girlfriend, Jamie]

[breakfast at starbucks after our 5 miler]
[flowers delivered from my sweetheart on Saturday 2.13.16]

[snapchat fun: a purple thank you with eyes to match]
Unfortunately, the 5 mile visit to LM gave me a headache, so I had to take the remainder of Monday easy. Regardless, it was still a nice day relaxing with my loves. We closed the weekend with some frozen yogurt and watched the Grammys 🙂 Until next time xx

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