[ss monte carlo]

Its’ been a little over a week since my last entry, but I’m back.
Friday night we did one of our favorite date nights: stayed in, made lasagna and had a Netflix marathon 🙂 I like to stay in not only because I’m a home body, but because I work long hours and really want to spend time with my dog. She relaxes at home all day while we’re at work; and we miss her. We love staying home and being together – just the three of us. It’s our happy place.

[waiting for the oven to heat so we can cook lasagna]

[these pictures make me so happy – love these two so much]
On Saturday morning, I went for a run while C was at the gym. I try to take a clever picture to remember each jog. These rocks went on forever and were all different colors. I couldn’t stop looking as I passed them. I’m a loser, I know 😉

Afterwards, we went on a bike ride at Coronado with C’s family. We saw the SS Monte Carlo ship that resurfaced after being submerged under the sand for 80 years. It was so cool to visit this ship’s history – even if the water was freezing!


After visiting the ship, we were all STARVING. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed delicious food and a few Moscow mules 🙂

On Sunday, we made breakfast, went grocery shopping, worked remotely, laundry and….gave the dog a bath. We’ve been really good about going to sleep earlier all nights of the week, so we were in bed relaxing by 8p 🙂 I realize this time frame sounds early. However, we’ve noticed that staying up late seems fun initially, but ultimately bleeds into over sleeping, feeling groggy & moody emotions.

On Monday, we went to work but I only worked 1/2 day because I had a dental cleaning, exam and x-rays. I absolutely hate the dentist and get ridiculously nervous but this appointment went well. The only bummer is that I’ll need a crown to fix an old filling from my childhood. Oh, two bummers. I can’t eat lemons anymore. No lemon water, water in my tea – nothing. I’m suuuper bummed because I LOVE my lemons and have them daily, but they are starting to diminish my enamel.
I came home from the dentist and took Zodi outside for a little walk. Snapchat helps me feel artistic without even trying 😉
[same picture: two ways]
That’s life lately! Until my next post 🙂 

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