Over the last year, I’ve noticed Zodi has gotten even sweeter with age. She follows me around the apartment and cuddles up next to me once I’ve found a spot on the couch or bed. I’ve decided to write down memories and characteristics about her now so I can look back and remember when she is no longer here on Earth with us. I’ll update it as I remember, but for now here are some off the top of my head:

  • Hides under the bed when trash truck arrives.
  • Very playful especially after going #2.
  • Loves to burrow under blankets.
  • Shakes body when getting up from sleep or resting.
  • Leach on momma.
  • Humps doggy bed.
  • Loves to chew on toys and remove the stuffing.
  • Good about going potty when sticking to the routine/schedule.
  • Very sweet and gentle with children.
  • Intelligent, spunky, cute and athletic.
  • Whimpers when dreaming/asleep.
  • Vulnerable at vet visits.
  • Gets excited about day camp.
  • Extremely loud barker.
  • Growls turn into comical yawns.
  • Flies off the bed like supergirl.
  • Hogs the bed and pushes C to the end of his side.



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