[el comal memories]

There is a cozy mexican restaurant in Poway my family has been eating at for over 15 years. It’s a tiny whole in the wall dining experience that feels like home. My mom and stepdad eat there most Friday nights, and this past weekend we decided to join them.

[el comal dinner on a Friday night]

[bunny & baby bunny]

On Saturday, we made breakfast in the morning. While C went to the gym, I went for a run. It was incredibly hot which is my least preferred jogging weather, but I endured it 😉 During my run, I saw (and almost stepped on) 11 of these little guys:
[gecko + snake?]
It is unreal how many beautiful visual shots I enjoy during a run. I try my best to capture each one, but sometimes it’s really only something the eyes can appreciate 🙂

[in my opinion, this shot is nature art]
I took the below picture because I wanted to show how tan I am this February!
Just kidding.
I could pass for a piece of chalk but I don’t care 😉 That vein popping out of my right shin only does that when I’m running. Weird.

[half way through my run]
After working out, C and I met up at home for some post protein lunch and relaxed for a few hours before heading to dinner with my Dad and Michelle. (Yes, we hang out with our families a LOT and we love it). We went to Macaroni Grille for dinner then Dairy Queen for dessert. Unfortunately, my fettuccini alfredo was dry then my oreo blizzard barely had any oreos in it. Because of this, I barely ate either of them. Maybe that’s why I’m so hungry today?
As I type this entry, it is Sunday afternoon. This morning we made eggs, bacon, toast, CrOJ and coffee. One of my favorite breakfast combos. Afterwards, C worked for a little bit while I blogged. Zodi is laying next to me and I can’t express how content and happy I feel 🙂
C is now at the gym while I continue to express my memories/feelings into this blog. In a couple hours, we plan to take the dog for a walk then grab Rubios for dinner before watching the Oscars. I am beyond grateful for a happy and productive weekend xx
A couple side notes:
How funny is this lemon cartoon picture? A girlfriend sent it to me after learning the dentist said that I can’t have lemons anymore lol.
After more than a month of the jigsaw puzzle being completed, we finally decided to put a protective seal on it in order to frame for a Halloween decoration. It turned out great…now I just need to find a frame 😉
[this seal glue went on white and dried clear – so interesting!]
That’s all for now. I need some exercise and a shower but I’ll try to blog tomorrow at some point xx

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