[my thoughts on zzzquil]

…is the devil.
No – I’m serious. What I initially thought was “beneficial, deep sleep” turned out to be deep, vivid nightmares. This week’s sleep patters were rough; which was initiated by getting to bed late Oscar night Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night I relied on ZZZQuil to help me stay asleep. By Wednesday morning, I noticed a trend of having intense, memorable dreams that were not pleasant. Come Thursday, I was an exhausted mess from lack of sleep. C and my parents both advised to steer clear from “the devil” and let nature do its thing.
On Thursday afternoon, I got adjusted by Dr. McKnight. Right afterwards, C and I went on a hard run to put my body in exhaustion mode. I ate dinner, showered and slept like a baby 🙂
Some other floral things we did this week:
[flower run for the office & home]
                  [yellow flowers at home]                  [my new favorite sweatshirt from C]
Monday: C cooked dinner after work. My stomach hurt so it was a low-key night. We watched The Walking Dead then called it a night. Nightmares.
Tuesday: My new office chair came in! We both helped cook chicken for dinner with cheddar broccoli. (mmm).  Nightmares.
Wednesday: Bunny and I visited Kristen after work then went to the Brigantine for dinner. Nightmares.
Thursday: Adjusted by Dr. McKnight followed by a hard run & Rubios for dinner. C put up our new headboard (pics to come) then we watched Grey’s Anatomy.
Friday: Today has been a normal work day. We are leaving shortly to go pick up the pup then head to El Comal with Bunny and Jimmy. No surprise there 😉 It’s been a long week so I’m beyond looking forward to the weekend, which of course I’ll recap on Monday!
Until my next post! xx

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