[just relax]

This weekend was one of those where I allowed myself to fully relax. Naps, lounging around and aimlessly putzing around our home. I usually start giving myself a severe guilt trip if I haven’t done anything to be super productive, but this weekend I didn’t! It was needed and felt nice, but you better believe I was back on track come Monday morning 😉
Friday night we ran home to get ready for dinner at El Comal 🙂 Zodi was at doggie daycamp all day, so she was perfectly content with sleeping while we were at dinner.

Saturday morning, C went to the gym while I took my locks a little darker. This was the first Saturday morning in a while where I didn’t run in the AM. It felt weird, but definitely relaxing. I felt a little guilty while being pampered in the hair color chair, but kept telling myself: just relax!

After my hair appointment, we grabbed lunch at Rubios then headed home to do nothing before dinner with my Uncle and Aunt. We watched Netflix, did some laundry and I took a tiny 20 minute nap.

[dessert at On The Border]
I have zero pictures from Sunday because absolutely nothing ‘picture worthy’ happened. We made breakfast, washed our bed sheets, grabbed Islands for dinner and crawled into bed early. The Walking Dead was probably the most excitement in our day 🙂
Come Monday, it was pouring rain with lightening and dark blue clouds filling up Poway’s sky. I (of course) took many sky pics via snapchat when I needed a break from work. #guilty

[Poway clouds & C’s reaction to one of my snapchats lol]
My absolute favorite part of Monday was our evening run.

About 1/2 way into our route, the sky began to pour. I’m not talking a mere drizzle or sprinkle here. FULL ON TORRENTIAL RAINPOUR.
It was exhilarating. It was refreshing. Yes, it was freezing, but we didn’t care.
Talk about living in the moment and enjoying what God gives us! I was happy, smiling, with C, on a run and on Cloud 9. I will never forget that amazing memory.

[a rainbow sighting on our run – as if it couldn’t get any better]
We couldn’t figure out what to do for dinner, so we decided to grab a smoothie at Nekter with our protein shakes from home 🙂 Sounds good to me!

[he makes me so happy]
Tonight, we plan to make this recipe with cornbread and enjoy a cozy evening at home. I imagine we will just relax after a long day’s work 😉  xx

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