[life lately]

Time has been speeding by faster than I can keep up, but luckily I’ve been taking pictures 🙂 Here is Life Lately 🙂

On Wednesday night, Jamie and I went to dinner at Islands. I wasn’t feeling good during the day, but seeing her turned my rough day into a great night 🙂 When I see her, we pick right back up where we left off and always end up laughing. We’ve been friends for 27+ years and I’ve learned I can always count on her. I’m able to be myself around her, which is true friendship 🙂

I brought C a burger and fries home from Islands. My mouth is watering.

[yes we text while both being at home lol]
Wednesday was a normal work day followed by McKnight at 4pm and a run 🙂 The only picture I have is from work (lol):

[chipotle salad for lunch]
Friday was amazing because it rained most of the day (a favorite of mine) and then we went to El Comal for dinner with my parents 🙂 It was such a fun date night!

Seriously, how pretty does my momma look here? I think we look so alike in this pic 🙂

[obligatory fishy face pic]
Hi, Mom lol.
[This is what happens when I ask her to take a pic of me and C]

On Saturday morning, C and I went on a longer run than usual. It was hard, but so rewarding when we got home. It even rained on us while on Twin Peaks Rd.
I was with my babe, running in the rain on a Saturday morning. Four things that I absolutely LOVE 🙂

[during and after our Saturday AM run]
After our run, we headed home so C could grab a shower and get ready for his haircut at 10am. I prepared some protein drinks for us since we decided to make breakfast after his haircut.
At the last minute, we decided to bring Noni with us. She and I waited in the car until C was done with his appointment 🙂

[notice the one gray hair on her face? :)]
After a few other errands in Carmel Mountain, we were starving. We headed home and made breakfast for lunch lol.
After eating, we decided to take it easy and do nothing for the rest of the night.  Just because we could 🙂 With no plans and no kids – its easy to go into relaxation mode. Especially after an early AM run and running errands most of the day 🙂
Sunday morning we had brunch with Nana (C’s grandma). She’s a really cute grandma and we had the best time. I forgot to take pictures (oops).
After breakfast we went grocery shopping and went for a bike ride on the 56 highway.

[on our way to the 56]

[I got a little camera happy lol]

[taking pics of each other]
After the bike ride which COMPLETELY WORE ME OUT, we went to Rubios for dinner then home. I painted my nails, grabbed a shower and then we passed out.
I grabbed these super cute pictures of Noni before heading to bed 🙂

Until my next post, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later 😉 xx


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