[3.17 – 3.20]

Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day and I came to work in all black.
I totally knew it was ‘wear green today’ when I woke up in the morning. But then my morning happened:
-morning pee
-weigh in (after peeing of course)
-brush & floss teeth
-pick out clothes to wear (because I save everything for the last minute)
-figure out what to do with hair frizz central 
-make up
-feed the dog
-grab breakfast 
-and the list goes on… 
…which is how I forgot to remember the green 💚
I’ve been getting adjusted once per week for over 3 months – and I love it. By Thursday, my body is basically shutting down and in need of a back cracking. I had my weekly appointment Thursday after work followed by a tortuous run: I felt as if I was running in water and couldn’t go faster. I’ve decided to blame this on the time change because I basically fail at all aspects of life when I don’t get enough sleep. This worries me ten-fold for when I am a new mother in the future. And no, I’m not pregnant.
(Sorry, mom – maybe in a few years!).
[as always, some pics from Thursday’s ‘water’ run]
It wasn’t easy, but we pushed through and finished our run. Of course grumbling most of the way 😉
Afterwards, we grabbed a healthy dinner (Panda Express) and headed home to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Thursdays are my absolute favorite day of the week because the next day is always Friday 🙂

Friday, I took personal time off work and enjoyed the afternoon with my mom. We got our nails done and went to dinner with C and Jimmy. One guess where we went out to eat 😉

[sadly, this is the only picture I have from Friday night. boo]
On Saturday, C and I went to UTC mall followed by dinner at PF Changs. My dad, Michelle and brother joined us. Again, I wasn’t as camera crazy this weekend as usual so I have no pics from Saturday night 😦
I went for a run on Sunday morning while C went to the gym. No surprise there. We did laundry, picked up the house, did some cleaning and relaxed before picking up C’s momma at the airport.

[my sweet girl]

[snoozin on a Sunday]

I’m super sad the weekend is over, but grateful for happy weekend 🙂 

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