[3.21 – 3.27]

Happy Monday! I’m recapping last week and I’ve got lots of pictures to show for it 🙂 I’ve noticed my posts on this blog have consisted more of a ‘Life Lately’ vibe – and I’m enjoying every post 🙂 
Monday was a rough work day and I feel confident in stating that we’ve all been there where Monday seriously sucks. It is me, or does it seem like if a crappy event happens, it falls on a Monday? Well, Tuesdays are just as yucky for me!
After work, C and I grabbed a rotisserie chicken for dinner, came home and watched Sunday nights episode of The Walking Dead. Nothing too exciting here lol.
Tuesday was a normal work day with a pleasant surprise. C grabbed me flowers to brighten up  my office, which are pictured below 🙂 Super thankful for such a sweet man and his kind gestures 🙂 Not sure what I did to deserve him..
 After work, C and I went on a 3 mile walk around Carmel Mountain Ranch to give my knees a break. I had a hard time just walking because I wanted to jog, but knew the pain in my knees could use a break from running. Afterwards, C and I went to Nekter for dinner 🙂

[not bad, iPhone camera]
Wednesday I worked 2 hours from home then logged off for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel well and used the remainder of Wednesday to rest, sleep and relax. Sometimes its just what your body needs to feel better. Because of this, I have a total of zero pictures 😉
Thursday 3.24 was Danielle’s 30th birthday. I’ve known this pretty lady since we were 15 year old sophomores in high school 🙂 Now, she’s a mommy to a beautiful 4 month old baby girl named Abigail Jean.
Time passing (snail or rabbit paced) is a concept that continues to amaze me.

[Court & Danielle – June 2014]
After work, I went on an incredible, long run while C went to the gym. With the time change, I’m able to run a tad longer and later without having to race home before the sun sets. We grabbed dinner, watched Grey’s Anatomy, grabbed showers then called it a night. Zzz.

[3.24 run pics]
Around 5am on Friday morning, a car slowly exited our apartment complex while blaring rap music. It instantly woke me up. Thanks, genius. I didn’t fall back asleep until 20 minutes before my alarm went off. Because of this, I woke up late, tired and grouchy 😦 We were late to work because we had to take the dog to day camp. I struggled through the work day then left work early to get adjusted by Dr. McKnight in the afternoon. We picked Zodi up from daycamp then headed home to finish the rest of the work day remotely. We had Rubios for dinner, watched Mokingjay Part 2 and got to bed early.

[pictures that made me smile this week]
Saturday morning I went on a run while C went to the gym. (Notice the pattern here?) 😉
Afterwards, I went to my moms house with lunch and spent the afternoon visiting with her. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon after a hot, tiring run. C and I went grocery shopping Saturday night before grabbing Islands to go. We watched the movie Meet The Parents before heading to sleep for the night.
EASTER SUNDAY was such a happy day! We started the morning at my mom’s house for brunch then headed to my dad’s house for dinner 🙂

[pics at momma’s house]

[making red velvet pancakes with bunny]

[group & only picture at Dad’s house]

Another closing to a great yet rough week. Tonight, we will exercise after work/before dinner. I’ll go for a jog while C goes to the gym in our complex. I’m dreading a dental appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning where I’m having a temporary crown put on 😦 I ate all the candy in the world when I was a kid and am still paying for it as an adult. It’s getting harder and busier to post, but I’ll try to keep up with it because I really want to document my life now to reflect on in the future 🙂 Until my next post xx


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