[entry from the car]

As I type this post, I am sitting in the car waiting for C to finish getting his hair cut. I think this was the longest I’ve ever seen his hair 🙂 I know he will get in the car and exclaim how much better it feels to have his hair shorter. He is the sweetest black bear and just thinking about him makes my lips and heart smile 🙂

We are feeling happy today. This morning, we got up early to exercise. C headed to the gym and I began my run. It was a crisp 57 degrees; which is an amazingly refreshing temperature to run in. Unfortunately, my lower back was hurting in the beginning of my run, so I decided to ‘power walk’ that part. Thankfully, the pain released and I was able to run & finish strong 🙂 By 10am, we were both done with our workouts and ready to take on the day.

After C’s haircut, we are headed to Lexus to pick up my car and drop off the loaner we’ve been using since Tuesday. Lexus called me this morning to inform me they paid $5,800 on taking apart and rebuilding my motor. My kind response ensured they realized thats what ‘recalls’ are all about. I’ll put more $ into spark plugs, rear breaks and a water pump replacement. But I won’t do that when Lexus adds 5x the fluff in labor fees. This is no fun for my wallet, but its part of being a car owner. 
We aren’t sure where potential plans will take us the rest of the weekend, but we are happy today is Saturday and will go with the flow. 
Last night, we grabbed Rubios for dinner on the way home with this sweet cutie 🙂 
We enjoyed our quiet Friday night relaxing at home.
The last week’s work week was full of workouts, runs, chores, work and of course snapchat goofing off 😉 

Before I sign off for the day, how funny is this picture of Zodi sleeping on our bed? 
Its nice to know the dog is comfortable in her home, right? 
Or just spoiled. But really cute 🙂 
I will try to get an entry in tomorrow in order to blog the rest of our weekend. Bye for now and p.s. I am seriously enjoying our weather. It’s overcast, cold, windy and my hands are freezing. I hope I can remember days like today in 3 months when its summer and 200 degrees out. By then, I’ll be working out from INSIDE on my elliptical due to the melting sun. 
Ok one more thought: C and I really need to visit Seattle/Washington before continuing to talk like we’re moving there asap. Its one thing to think you might like living in a different city vs. actually living in a different city. 
Adios! xx

[cool & calm]

Somewhere in the midst of the last 2-3 years, I’ve really noticed my anxiety and perfectionism tendencies negatively impacting my life. An event such as going to a family function has me in a bundle of nerves while overanalyzing each detail while getting ready. These emotions are so strong that I’ll find myself feeling overwhelmed and overheated while we’re trying to leave the house. (How I wish I was a calm person who could easily walk out the door with out fretting about a thing). I fear this will get worse when children are in the picture.

A few weeks ago, I visited my doctor for my yearly physical. She expressed she was proud of me for taking control of my life by accomplishing the below items. When she asked me what my goals were for this next year, I almost laughed at how absurd her question sounded in my mind! I wanted to reply with “haven’t I done enough?!”

  • Jogging 3x/week
  • Clean eating habits (80% of the time)
  • Refraining from consuming sugars
  • Reduced salt intake
  • Drinking at least 60 oz of water each day
  • Taking daily vitamins
  • Losing and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Weekly adjustments with our family/friend chiropractor
  • Going to bed early all nights of the week
But I didn’t – I genuinely thought about how I would like to better myself: mind, body, soul, heart and so on 🙂
My response surprised me. I told her I’d like to work on my anxiety, perfectionism and patience. Three things I seriously struggle with on a daily basis. As we started to discuss these issues, I really opened up and shared with her something that I have noticed:

On the days I jog, I’m too tired to be anxious; too tired to be a perfectionist and I have patience…all due to my relaxed state. 
A lightbulb went off in her head when she suggested that I begin doing some form of exercise everyday. In other words: ALL 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK. (Who wants to hear that?!) Ugh – not me. I love my days off but deep down, I knew she is right. On the days I don’t run, I agreed to do some sort of exercise/stretching on my own at home. (Squats, crunches, planks, girl push-ups, leg lifts, etc). I also plan to try yoga core restore, which is a class soley based on breathing, stretching and helping aid sore muscles. 
The purpose of this post is to remind myself that I calm myself down by “cooling” my inner being.
  • Exercising helps me “let go” of the little things that turn me into a hot mess stress ball.
  • I prefer chilly, overcast weather – cool temps versus the hot sun shining.
  • My busy eyes relax and focus on colors of blue, green and purple – all cool tones. 
  • I recently darkened my hair to a deep brown with blue undertones versus a reddish light brown.
  • Both at home and at the office, I feel my best when my blinds are closed – dark versus light.
All calming effects! Right?! 🙂 I feel like I am on the right track!
I am beyond grateful to my doctor who forced me to push myself and think outside the box when it comes to my health. It is important for me to remain cool & calm. And this is not only for me. Its for my family, C, friends and anyone who comes in contact with me. Taking charge of my life has been the best decision I have made thus far 🙂 xx

[life lately]

…has been a whirlwind! I am so bummed that I haven’t blogged in over a week. #fail 
I genuinely try to keep this blog updated as much as possible. In a perfect world, I would post entries daily by 8am. But this world is not perfect and neither am I. I’ll try my best, but if I have an option to blog or run – I’m going to run. If the option is to blog or get to bed early – I’m in bed catching those zzz’s. Don’t get me wrong; my blog is very important to me. It’s just not as high of a priority as other daily priorities are in my life. I imagine if I didn’t work full time, this thing would be overly enriched with 1-2 posts per day. 
Here’s a shocker: last week was the hottest it’s been since last summer; hence I took 9 days off of running. No, I haven’t gone crazy but I do think it was for the best. My body needed the off-time. Plus, by the time I got home from work it was still 88 degrees outside. (Geez) At that temp, I don’t even consider a run because the heat triggers my migraines.  It seriously sucks, but its a fact about myself that I’ve learned to accept versus fight. 
Here’s life lately:
On Thursday 4/14, I ran a final run which seriously sucked and 100% kicked my butt. The running never gets easier although I feel stronger each run. It’s kind of hard to explain and I hope I’m not contradicting myself. The only way I know how to explain it is that I experience good and bad runs. ‘Good’ runs are when I feel energized and at a normal weight. ‘Bad’ runs occur when I’m trying to run but each leg feels like its 500 pounds. (Think of an elephant trying to run). Its almost like I’m running in water – not fun but I still force myself to do it. 
[4/14/16: my last run before a 9 day hiatus]

On April 16th, I got ready to have brunch with my mom, Michelle, Jamie, Danielle and baby Abigail. I was looking forward to it for weeks. That morning, C asked me what I wanted for breakfast and I said a banana sounded good – and my sweet man brought me this:

[the little things in life]
We had a wonderful time at Cafe Merlot 🙂 Look at us being all healthy with our salads lol. 
(Confession: I really wanted a turkey sandwich on sourdough bread with avocado and fries). But I didn’t order that because weight control is no joke.
Later that night, we went to El Comal with my mom and Jim. Such a weekly treat of good company and laughs. Side note: those margaritas will make the grouchiest of people happy 😉 

Sunday was basically laundry, relaxing and preparing for the work week. #adulting
The next picture in my camera roll are these flowers that C bought for me last Monday to brighten up my office. He knows how much I appreciate flowers and surprised me with them 🙂 

[Monday 4/18 flowers]
Monday night, we went to dinner with C’s mom and sister (Robin & Kyra). We found out they will soon be moving to Washington to be with Robin’s boyfriend (Anthony). Although we are saddened to hear them leaving, we are happy that they are happy with this decision 🙂
Tuesday 4/19 Zodi wasn’t feeling good – I thought she ate a spider while C thought it was the recent “senior” food switch. We still don’t really know what one is was :/ But I am thankful C was able to work from home on Tuesday to make sure she was eating, drinking water and going potty regularly. We made dinner easy and picked up Boston Market followed by Army Wives. Holy moly that show sure is entertaining. 
Wednesday 4/20 was a sleepy day. Zodi kept us up most of the night, so we both were walking zombies. It took everything in me to stay at work and push through. If that wasn’t hard enough, we needed food in the house. (To the point where we literally had nothing left to eat). I’m not sure why we pushed the grocery shopping THAT far…lol. We swallowed the horse pill and forced ourselves to venture to Ralphs to get groceries. I made an easy stir fry when we got home and then we pretty much fell asleep while we ate. A VERY LONG day to say the least 😉 
Thursday 4/21 was a normal work day and we were happy to see that Zodi was back to her usual spunky self. C went to Kyra’s swim meet while I continued the rest of the work day. Later that night, C’s mom and Nana stopped by to see our apartment. Nana hadn’t seen it yet and had expressed interest about 100+ times. She had me cracking up – I love Grandmas. 
Friday at work was very busy and productive. Teylor visited at work since she was shopping across the street at Home Goods. It was great to see her and a nice surprise. That night we had Rubios fish tacos and watched a comedy at home. Again, we keep Rubios in business as we are loyal customers. YUM. 
Side Note:
A recent obsession of mine has been gold, dainty jewelry so I try to take pictures when I like how they look with a certain outfit. 
Pictured below is a rose gold mini heart necklace paired with my gold ‘coco’ bar necklace.

[playing around with necklace layering]
Saturday morning I had a hair appointment followed by a car appointment. Errands on Saturdays aren’t my favorite, but they are necessary. 
We enjoyed ourselves Saturday evening and I think these pics pretty much sum it up:

[Saturday 4/23 wine & cheese platter before we cooked dinner]
We look super tired in this picture and thats because WE WERE. Such a busy day on not a lot of sleep. But we are troopers. 

[quiet Saturday evening at home: movies, wine and each other]
After breakfast on Sunday morning, C went to the gym while I ran in the freakishly hot sun. It was the hardest run after 9 days of no cardio. The heat didn’t help, but I kept telling myself its only 45 minutes…you’ll live. Sometimes an attitude adjustment (and a tall bottled water) goes a long way.

[4/24 run complete – chalk legs and all]
C and I met up afterwards for lunch at Rubios followed by a visit to Dr. McKnight. Later that night, we joined my mom and Jim for dinner to end the weekend right. I love love love spending time with family.
I took a pic of my necklace because thats kinda my “thing” lately 🙂 Super random, but the sunlight was pretty on our way to dinner.

That’s life lately – until next time xx


Most days I ask myself ‘what should I blog about today?’ If I haven’t recently taken any pictures, I find myself looking at a blank blog entry unsure what to flow from my mind to my fingertips.
Yesterday I had a conversation with someone (who I will leave anonymous). In a matter of 20 minutes, I felt judged in regards to my financial situation.  Needless to say, I left that conversation feeling pretty crappy about where this person thought I ‘should’ be financially. 
Up until this conversation, I felt REALLY happy with my life and where I’m currently at in all aspects. So why I let it bother me so much was beyond me. The only way I can explain it is being pushed into a weird funk for an hour or two. 
I went for a jog to clear my head and was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards. 
As I concluded my run, I remembered that this person was giving me their opinion, (unsolicited). It bothered me how I let this person bring me down. Especially when I am so happy with my life right where its at 🙂 
It was about an hour later that I decided to count my blessings and be thankful for what I enjoy daily. 
I plan to blog more about my current blessings – so no one can tell me what I’m missing out on again. (JERK) lol.
Three things I am grateful for today:
1. The ability to run and be active. 
Nothing stands in my way of exercising and using my limbs. My health is in great condition and I feel stronger each time I GET to exercise/run. I’ve never once regretted getting outside and making my body move. 

2. My supportive boyfriend who reminds me daily how much I mean to him. 
He can instantly tell when something is bothersome to me. Once he notices it, he makes it his mission to bring a smile back to my face. This is exactly what he did yesterday (before) my run. I’m not sure what I did to deserve him, but I will always put my best foot forward to return the favor for him.

3. The roof over my head. 
Our lovely apartment is cozy, warm, nicely decorated and provides more than enough room for us to be comfortable. We have a washer/dryer next to our kitchen. We have heat and A/C for when it gets a little cold or overly hot in the summer. A patio ensures nice morning coffee dates and a place for me to stretch after my runs. Is it a mansion that we own with a pool and 3 rooms? No. But we love our home and I am incredibly thankful live there with C 🙂 
My goal is to use this blog as a gratitude journal so I can always be aware of just how lucky and blessed I really am.
Until my next post xx

[nail & dinner tradition]

Last night, my mom and I had a manicure & pedicure date followed by dinner at El Comal. It was such a great way to end the week and fully enjoy ‘Friday night’ to the fullest!
I stuck to my usual ‘funny bunny’ for my toes, but picked this color for my hands:

My mom, Jim, brother Taylor, Ana, C and I went to dinner at El Comal 🙂 

This morning, I went for a run while C joined his brother and sister for breakfast. When I returned home, I stretched in the grass outside and slowly started to walk towards my door. As I rounded the corner, I could hear rain 🙂 I juuust missed getting soaked and thought what perfect timing. (Although, I secretly enjoy running in the rain).

For the past several weeks, we’ve built a tradition that I absolutely adore. Nails followed by dinner on a Friday night then exercise Saturday morning before whatever other adventures call for that weekend. Its my happy place.
Tonight, we are seeing my Dad and Michelle for dinner and relax for the rest of the weekend. 
Feeling grateful and content on this Saturday afternoon. Oh and by the way – its raining right now 😉