[rise above]

Call me old-fashioned, tell me to chill out and don’t forget to roll your eyes at my hyper-sensitivity. But I’m standing by my opinion that April Fool’s Day is just plain mean. Being the butt of anyone’s joke is not my idea of fun.

Honestly, I don’t understand the depth behind this day. Other than finding amusement in making someone feel like a fool on top of getting laughed at – what’s the darn point other than being cruel? A minor joke was played on me this morning – and I hate to sound snotty, but it was more annoying than funny. I politely told the jokester my dislike for April Fool’s pranks and was given an apology. Water under the bridge 🙂

My grandfather has always preached that people will automatically gravitate towards you if you show a genuine interest in them. He supports this theory by explaining:

when two people interact, each person walks away feeling worse or better than before the interaction took place.

He continues to advise that I had all the power in whether or not others liked me based on my actions when interacting with them. Based on my (almost) 30 years of experience, I agree with him. I believe kindness, respect and love makes people feel good about themselves – and you!

So why would we want to make people feel lousy by engaging in on a mean spirited day such as today? C and I have both agreed to rise above the trickery jokes and spread the love.

Happy weekend! xx


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