[my kind of weather]

Happy Friday! We have been blessed with the BEST weather this week! I am in absolute heaven with the rain, cloudy skies and cold breeze while running.
If you’re like me and love cold weather, you feel like this:
 I’ve been wearing long sleeves and boots to work and truly OVER-enjoying this cozy, cuddle weather!
I just took this panoramic picture at work. 4.8.2016
[insert hearts as eyes emoji here]
I’ve been horrible about posting my “run” pics – here are several from my last few runs 🙂


Thursday 4.7.16 run


Wednesday 4.6.16 run


4.6.16 Run (Left) & 3.31.16 Run (Right)


3.31.16 (Left – Flowers) & 4.2.16 (Right – pasty white legs)
On our run yesterday, these little slugs definitely got in our way. I definitely heard a loud ‘crunch’ while running downhill.
RIP slimy snail 😦
Life is crazy busy lately, so I’ll need to blog this weekend 🙂
Happy weekend! xx

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