[life lately]

…has been a whirlwind! I am so bummed that I haven’t blogged in over a week. #fail 
I genuinely try to keep this blog updated as much as possible. In a perfect world, I would post entries daily by 8am. But this world is not perfect and neither am I. I’ll try my best, but if I have an option to blog or run – I’m going to run. If the option is to blog or get to bed early – I’m in bed catching those zzz’s. Don’t get me wrong; my blog is very important to me. It’s just not as high of a priority as other daily priorities are in my life. I imagine if I didn’t work full time, this thing would be overly enriched with 1-2 posts per day. 
Here’s a shocker: last week was the hottest it’s been since last summer; hence I took 9 days off of running. No, I haven’t gone crazy but I do think it was for the best. My body needed the off-time. Plus, by the time I got home from work it was still 88 degrees outside. (Geez) At that temp, I don’t even consider a run because the heat triggers my migraines.  It seriously sucks, but its a fact about myself that I’ve learned to accept versus fight. 
Here’s life lately:
On Thursday 4/14, I ran a final run which seriously sucked and 100% kicked my butt. The running never gets easier although I feel stronger each run. It’s kind of hard to explain and I hope I’m not contradicting myself. The only way I know how to explain it is that I experience good and bad runs. ‘Good’ runs are when I feel energized and at a normal weight. ‘Bad’ runs occur when I’m trying to run but each leg feels like its 500 pounds. (Think of an elephant trying to run). Its almost like I’m running in water – not fun but I still force myself to do it. 
[4/14/16: my last run before a 9 day hiatus]

On April 16th, I got ready to have brunch with my mom, Michelle, Jamie, Danielle and baby Abigail. I was looking forward to it for weeks. That morning, C asked me what I wanted for breakfast and I said a banana sounded good – and my sweet man brought me this:

[the little things in life]
We had a wonderful time at Cafe Merlot 🙂 Look at us being all healthy with our salads lol. 
(Confession: I really wanted a turkey sandwich on sourdough bread with avocado and fries). But I didn’t order that because weight control is no joke.
Later that night, we went to El Comal with my mom and Jim. Such a weekly treat of good company and laughs. Side note: those margaritas will make the grouchiest of people happy 😉 

Sunday was basically laundry, relaxing and preparing for the work week. #adulting
The next picture in my camera roll are these flowers that C bought for me last Monday to brighten up my office. He knows how much I appreciate flowers and surprised me with them 🙂 

[Monday 4/18 flowers]
Monday night, we went to dinner with C’s mom and sister (Robin & Kyra). We found out they will soon be moving to Washington to be with Robin’s boyfriend (Anthony). Although we are saddened to hear them leaving, we are happy that they are happy with this decision 🙂
Tuesday 4/19 Zodi wasn’t feeling good – I thought she ate a spider while C thought it was the recent “senior” food switch. We still don’t really know what one is was :/ But I am thankful C was able to work from home on Tuesday to make sure she was eating, drinking water and going potty regularly. We made dinner easy and picked up Boston Market followed by Army Wives. Holy moly that show sure is entertaining. 
Wednesday 4/20 was a sleepy day. Zodi kept us up most of the night, so we both were walking zombies. It took everything in me to stay at work and push through. If that wasn’t hard enough, we needed food in the house. (To the point where we literally had nothing left to eat). I’m not sure why we pushed the grocery shopping THAT far…lol. We swallowed the horse pill and forced ourselves to venture to Ralphs to get groceries. I made an easy stir fry when we got home and then we pretty much fell asleep while we ate. A VERY LONG day to say the least 😉 
Thursday 4/21 was a normal work day and we were happy to see that Zodi was back to her usual spunky self. C went to Kyra’s swim meet while I continued the rest of the work day. Later that night, C’s mom and Nana stopped by to see our apartment. Nana hadn’t seen it yet and had expressed interest about 100+ times. She had me cracking up – I love Grandmas. 
Friday at work was very busy and productive. Teylor visited at work since she was shopping across the street at Home Goods. It was great to see her and a nice surprise. That night we had Rubios fish tacos and watched a comedy at home. Again, we keep Rubios in business as we are loyal customers. YUM. 
Side Note:
A recent obsession of mine has been gold, dainty jewelry so I try to take pictures when I like how they look with a certain outfit. 
Pictured below is a rose gold mini heart necklace paired with my gold ‘coco’ bar necklace.

[playing around with necklace layering]
Saturday morning I had a hair appointment followed by a car appointment. Errands on Saturdays aren’t my favorite, but they are necessary. 
We enjoyed ourselves Saturday evening and I think these pics pretty much sum it up:

[Saturday 4/23 wine & cheese platter before we cooked dinner]
We look super tired in this picture and thats because WE WERE. Such a busy day on not a lot of sleep. But we are troopers. 

[quiet Saturday evening at home: movies, wine and each other]
After breakfast on Sunday morning, C went to the gym while I ran in the freakishly hot sun. It was the hardest run after 9 days of no cardio. The heat didn’t help, but I kept telling myself its only 45 minutes…you’ll live. Sometimes an attitude adjustment (and a tall bottled water) goes a long way.

[4/24 run complete – chalk legs and all]
C and I met up afterwards for lunch at Rubios followed by a visit to Dr. McKnight. Later that night, we joined my mom and Jim for dinner to end the weekend right. I love love love spending time with family.
I took a pic of my necklace because thats kinda my “thing” lately 🙂 Super random, but the sunlight was pretty on our way to dinner.

That’s life lately – until next time xx

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