[cool & calm]

Somewhere in the midst of the last 2-3 years, I’ve really noticed my anxiety and perfectionism tendencies negatively impacting my life. An event such as going to a family function has me in a bundle of nerves while overanalyzing each detail while getting ready. These emotions are so strong that I’ll find myself feeling overwhelmed and overheated while we’re trying to leave the house. (How I wish I was a calm person who could easily walk out the door with out fretting about a thing). I fear this will get worse when children are in the picture.

A few weeks ago, I visited my doctor for my yearly physical. She expressed she was proud of me for taking control of my life by accomplishing the below items. When she asked me what my goals were for this next year, I almost laughed at how absurd her question sounded in my mind! I wanted to reply with “haven’t I done enough?!”

  • Jogging 3x/week
  • Clean eating habits (80% of the time)
  • Refraining from consuming sugars
  • Reduced salt intake
  • Drinking at least 60 oz of water each day
  • Taking daily vitamins
  • Losing and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Weekly adjustments with our family/friend chiropractor
  • Going to bed early all nights of the week
But I didn’t – I genuinely thought about how I would like to better myself: mind, body, soul, heart and so on 🙂
My response surprised me. I told her I’d like to work on my anxiety, perfectionism and patience. Three things I seriously struggle with on a daily basis. As we started to discuss these issues, I really opened up and shared with her something that I have noticed:

On the days I jog, I’m too tired to be anxious; too tired to be a perfectionist and I have patience…all due to my relaxed state. 
A lightbulb went off in her head when she suggested that I begin doing some form of exercise everyday. In other words: ALL 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK. (Who wants to hear that?!) Ugh – not me. I love my days off but deep down, I knew she is right. On the days I don’t run, I agreed to do some sort of exercise/stretching on my own at home. (Squats, crunches, planks, girl push-ups, leg lifts, etc). I also plan to try yoga core restore, which is a class soley based on breathing, stretching and helping aid sore muscles. 
The purpose of this post is to remind myself that I calm myself down by “cooling” my inner being.
  • Exercising helps me “let go” of the little things that turn me into a hot mess stress ball.
  • I prefer chilly, overcast weather – cool temps versus the hot sun shining.
  • My busy eyes relax and focus on colors of blue, green and purple – all cool tones. 
  • I recently darkened my hair to a deep brown with blue undertones versus a reddish light brown.
  • Both at home and at the office, I feel my best when my blinds are closed – dark versus light.
All calming effects! Right?! 🙂 I feel like I am on the right track!
I am beyond grateful to my doctor who forced me to push myself and think outside the box when it comes to my health. It is important for me to remain cool & calm. And this is not only for me. Its for my family, C, friends and anyone who comes in contact with me. Taking charge of my life has been the best decision I have made thus far 🙂 xx

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