[entry from the car]

As I type this post, I am sitting in the car waiting for C to finish getting his hair cut. I think this was the longest I’ve ever seen his hair 🙂 I know he will get in the car and exclaim how much better it feels to have his hair shorter. He is the sweetest black bear and just thinking about him makes my lips and heart smile 🙂

We are feeling happy today. This morning, we got up early to exercise. C headed to the gym and I began my run. It was a crisp 57 degrees; which is an amazingly refreshing temperature to run in. Unfortunately, my lower back was hurting in the beginning of my run, so I decided to ‘power walk’ that part. Thankfully, the pain released and I was able to run & finish strong 🙂 By 10am, we were both done with our workouts and ready to take on the day.

After C’s haircut, we are headed to Lexus to pick up my car and drop off the loaner we’ve been using since Tuesday. Lexus called me this morning to inform me they paid $5,800 on taking apart and rebuilding my motor. My kind response ensured they realized thats what ‘recalls’ are all about. I’ll put more $ into spark plugs, rear breaks and a water pump replacement. But I won’t do that when Lexus adds 5x the fluff in labor fees. This is no fun for my wallet, but its part of being a car owner. 
We aren’t sure where potential plans will take us the rest of the weekend, but we are happy today is Saturday and will go with the flow. 
Last night, we grabbed Rubios for dinner on the way home with this sweet cutie 🙂 
We enjoyed our quiet Friday night relaxing at home.
The last week’s work week was full of workouts, runs, chores, work and of course snapchat goofing off 😉 

Before I sign off for the day, how funny is this picture of Zodi sleeping on our bed? 
Its nice to know the dog is comfortable in her home, right? 
Or just spoiled. But really cute 🙂 
I will try to get an entry in tomorrow in order to blog the rest of our weekend. Bye for now and p.s. I am seriously enjoying our weather. It’s overcast, cold, windy and my hands are freezing. I hope I can remember days like today in 3 months when its summer and 200 degrees out. By then, I’ll be working out from INSIDE on my elliptical due to the melting sun. 
Ok one more thought: C and I really need to visit Seattle/Washington before continuing to talk like we’re moving there asap. Its one thing to think you might like living in a different city vs. actually living in a different city. 
Adios! xx

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