[welcome June]

June 1st, 2016.
How did THAT happen?
I swear we were all at El Comal celebrating New Years Eve just 5 minutes ago…I have the pic to prove it!
The thought of turning 30 next month doesn’t bother me – its just a number as I truthfully feel a lot older. What freaks me out is how fast time is zipping by us. Our weeks feel like a blink while weekends are here and gone even faster.
It seems time races by when we are busy. I have to admit; my life with Colby is pure happiness. I’m not going to say our life is perfect because its not. We have our struggles, rough days and ‘blah’ moods. We are human. However, we are so flipping happy together. Having him in my life has been the sweetest gift; we are truly blessed.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my past; that’s for sure. The consequences of my mistakes were painful and I was left thinking I didn’t deserve happiness. But I did! An important fact of life I’ve grown to learn is no matter who we are or what mistakes we’ve made; we are still deserving of love. I am beyond grateful for every crappy event because it led me to where I am today.
Our lives (lately) have been fun, chaotic, exhausting and happy 🙂 I just chuckled at my choice of words being ‘chaotic’ and ‘exhausting’ since we don’t have kids lol.
Last Tuesday I snapped this picture during my run – so pretty! This pic was taken on Ted Williams Parkway around 5:30p.
C and I at El Comal on Friday night 🙂  
5/29/16: Above the clouds (literally) in Big Bear.
Beneath these clouds was dark, rainy and cold.
Above was bright, dry, sunny and hot.
Go figure! 
Big Bear trees 

 Today is National Running Day! We worked out the past 2 nights in a row. And my body is really sore 😦 But I’m going to force myself to jog tonight; at least a little. I’m not planning to run the entire route, but its better than doing nothing. Falling asleep right now could be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Wish us luck tonight 😉
xx cmm


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