Gratitude Entry 6/2/2016
1. My job
Working each day gives me a feeling of self worth, accomplishment and purpose. I am incredibly thankful and happy to work with my family. Helping our clients save money on their property taxes was a brilliant idea (kudos, Dad!). Driving home each night after a productive day at the office is a nice feeling 🙂
2. My health
When you have good health, you have the world. I’ve been incredibly lucky thus far with only minor colds in my life. I’ve been sick-free since April 2015. (Migraines not included lol).
3. My chiropractor
We’ve been family friends with our chiropractor since I was 14. He is a miracle worker and has helped several of our family and friends with back/neck pain. I visit him weekly for adjustments and know these visits have helped decrease migraines.
REALLY making an effort to get daily entries/gratitude journaling in 🙂

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