As a SUPER fan of cold months, ‘May-gray’ and ‘June-gloom,’ I find myself bummed at today’s 91 degree heat and bright sun. The majority of the world’s population glorifies San Diego and the warm weather this city offers.
Not me!!! Why does it have to be THIS hot? Walking outside & instantly feeling like I’m wrapped tightly in an electric blanket is not at all enjoyable in my opinion. Having sweat drip from my butt cheeks down my thighs is pure torture!
So here’s my question: 
What do you do when you live in a famous city yet can’t stand the weather where all your family and friends live?
(Sounding like a spoiled brat is not my intent, yet I realize I may be coming off as ‘ungrateful for having the privilege to live in San Diego’. This post is yet another reason why this blog is 100% honest vs. pretending life is perfect and wonderful. I will openly blog about my happy experiences and put smiley faces when they were/are truly just that; happy! But on the flip side, if I’m in a crabby mood I’m going to be honest about it.) 
 Avoiding hot temps and bright lights haven’t always been a big part of who I am; but it is now. In high school and college I would bend over backwards to lounge by the pool and work on my tan. I loved ‘baking’ in the sun, listening to music and swimming in the refreshingly cold pool.
Flash forward to last summer with record breaking temperatures where I found myself with debilitating migraines triggered by the sun and/or heat. From July through November, most of our weekends were spent inside our home with the A/C blasting. Leaving the house just to grab lunch was so uncomfortable it made me feel ill. Colby was of course understanding, supportive and uplifting as he respects my struggle with sensitivity to extreme heat.
With Summer practically here, I am crossing my fingers I can be stronger in the upcoming months. We’ve discussed moving to Seattle in the future in hopes to find cooler temps. But then there’s the fact that I’d be leaving my family, friends and job. I’m just not ready to make that big of a decision yet.
In the interim, you better believe I am already counting down until Christmas time 🙂
Happy Friday!

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