[gemeni weekend]

This past weekend was filled with several birthdays. We celebrated my step-dad (6/7), mom (6/11), Teylor (6/13) and JoAnn (6/6). I even have another girlfriend Angie who celebrates her bday on (6/18).
Friday at lunch we went to buy Father’s Day cards and also grabbed smoothies 🙂 Thankfully, we stayed home Friday night and relaxed with Netflix and dinner. We crawled into bed with a little light left in the sky at 7:45pm for a movie. Homebodies, indeed.
[lunch smoothies 6.10.16]
Saturday was cloudy all day long 🙂 It was my moms birthday, too. After I ran and C got a haircut, we went to have brunch at my mom’s house. It was relaxing, casual and the best day celebrating her.

[Saturday morning run views 6.11.16]

[Saturday morning run views 6.11.16 continued]

[my purple + mama’s pink nikes]
Saturday night, we went to The Avant with Teylor and Ryan to celebrate Teylor’s birthday, which is today! Happy Bday T! 😉
The Avant was a gorgeous restaurant at the RB Inn. I had halibut and C had filet. The food was out of this world delicious. That paired with great company made for a pleasant evening.

[dinner at The Avant Saturday night]
Sunday morning I got further in my book The Silent Wife. It’s truly a messed up story, but it holds my attention. I’m hoping to finish it this week. C made a delicious breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, CrOJ) in which we inhaled before he went to the gym and I went on a run. Later that night, we went out to dinner to celebrate JoAnn’s birthday, which was last Monday. This weekend had lots of happiness and smiles, but it also included intense heartache, which I will blog about tomorrow 😦
Here’s to a productive work week! xo


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