[one year]

It’s official! On 7/20/2015, I posted my first entry on this blog. Ironically, this just occurred to me a few days ago. I instantly got excited (and shocked) at how fast the last year has gone by. This blog has been a therapeutic, fun and creative way to express myself through writing and pictures.

I’ve had many ideas for this blog (gratitude journal, deep thinkinglife lately, etc). But more than anything, I want it to be real. Life is annoyingly hard and we all have crappy days every now and then. Yes, life can be wonderful, happy and amazing – but not always.

If you’re reading this blog, please know you’re one of the few. I rarely give out this blog’s web address because it is personal – to me. I come here to remember the past. I write to vent out my frustrations. This blog is a stress-reliever for me. I’m not looking for readers to judge what I share on this site but rather support me as the content of this blog is 100% raw.

I look forward to sharing my life in the many years ahead. The future will be a very interesting and exciting topic to write about 🙂

xo – Courtney

[the yellow butterfly]

During our trip to Ohio I was able to enjoy several runs. Colby came with me on two of them, but the others I went solo. My experiences running (by myself) are different each time, yet I always find at least one thing that speaks to me. Something with meaning. Something that makes me take a mental step back to look at the big picture in life.

One bright afternoon of our vacation, I was a few minutes into my run and headed uphill. (I always dread the first mile because it lies to me. It takes me about a mile to fully warm up and enter my zone). As I struggled up the hill, I realized this hill was a lot larger than I originally thought. I slowed to a fast walk; arms fully swinging in hopes they would somehow push me to the top. At this point, a yellow butterfly flew in front of my face which I didn’t pay much attention to as I tried not to die from exhaustion. As I made it over the hill and continued my run, that butterfly continued to fly with and around me. When I started to feel slightly irritated, I stopped in my tracks and looked at it fluttering around me. “Hi, Grandma” came out of my mouth as I finally accepted this to be one of the first signs of her attempts to communicate with me. I noticed the sun slowly went behind the clouds, providing me with my preferred sky of overcast.  I invited her to join me for the duration of my run. I’m not going to say the same exact butterfly flew next to me until I finished my run – because it didn’t. But, I did see several yellow butterflies that day – even after my run concluded.

I specifically remember asking Grandma to send me signs that she was with me when she finally crossed over. After 2+ years of her being gone, I feel as if she finally sent one.

Or maybe, she’s been sending them all this time. Maybe running alone that day was the first time I actually paid attention and was able to receive her little yellow ‘hello’. xo

[tappan lake]

Remember me? Kinda sorta? 😉 I’m the author of this blog who LOVES blogging…but fails to blog daily 🙂 But thats ok, my intentions are good. We are finally back home after a 2 week vacation to our cabin in Ohio! I decided to leave my laptop at home and enjoy our time off. I am not ashamed to say after 14 days I could have stayed longer. (But I missed my mom & Zodi).

Our trip consisted of inner tubing on the lake, fishing, reading, nature walks, zip lining, beautiful runs, cooking, sleeping in and relaxing to the fullest.

[patiently waiting in the airport for our flight]


[one of many gorgeous runs]

[no caption needed if we’re being honest]

[probably one of my favorite pictures I captured while on a run]
[more fun on a run – even though he hates running]

[some damn tall trees]

[blurry while making smores]

[the first of many boat outings]

[one pair of my parents ❤ I spy an Apple watch!]

[I imagined this picture turning out differently, but it’ll do]

[smiles for days]

[one 1of the 10 fish he caught – impressive]

[1 out of 3, impressive x2]

[green pastures]


[enjoying the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen]

[zip-lining over wild animals]

[another catch for C]

[my 1 catch of the trip]

[contemplating walking up that monstrosity of a hill]
[literally dying as I snap a pic at the top of the monster hill – we did it!]

[one last pic before leaving]
Until next year! xo

[activity rings + life lately]

I’m going to be honest. I don’t really have much to blog about today. When this happens, I pull my recent photos and type an entry about life lately. (Lucky you!)

This little baby is getting even sweeter with age. She’s been the constant in my life for the past 7+ years.

Yesterday, C’s mom and sister moved to Washington 😦 They ultimately will be happier, but of course we will miss them. On Wednesday 6/15, we went to Wine Steals in Hillcrest to send her off with love.
(My momma is missing from this picture because she was out of town. Bunny if you are reading this, I promise you were invited!) 🙂
If you know anything about me, you know I’m an Apple product freak. As if an iPhone isn’t enough, I caved and bought an iPad, MacBook Air and an Apple Watch. (I’m surprised we don’t own Apple TV actually now that I think about it). 
Anyway, watching the June 2016 Apple Keynote taught me a new obsession of mine:  
*close all activity rings on the apple watch… daily. 
(See CAL/MIN/HOUR) below. The activity app comes with the Apple Watch & syncs to your iPhone. It provides motivation to get moving! At the end of the day, I feel super productive and accomplished. 
CAL (red) = Daily move goal (you set the calories)
MIN (green) = Daily exercise goal (Apple pre-set to 30min/day)
HOUR (blue) = Daily stand goal (alerts you when you’ve been sitting idle for an hour).
This below screen shot shows my watch face. On June 16th, at 9:30pm I had 22% battery left on my watch. Since I have my ‘quiet hours’ from 9p-7a, the moon is displayed above the time. 
The numbers for calories/minutes/hour reflect the above activity rings 🙂 
The bottom row shows the current temperature, date and timer because I love to bake. All watch faces can be customized to your preference.

 I’m totally marketing for Apple on my blog 😉 I should probably work there because of how much I love their products lol.
Ok away from Apple and onto life lately!
Some recent snapchats of Zodi and me 🙂

A gorgeous view from my girlfriends house 🙂

Wine by candlelight
I am grateful for family, friends and wine. If you look closely in the photo above, a bug flew in my wine glass. lol. 
Thats all the time I have for this post. Life is happening so quickly due to being busy 🙂 Until next time xo