[activity rings + life lately]

I’m going to be honest. I don’t really have much to blog about today. When this happens, I pull my recent photos and type an entry about life lately. (Lucky you!)

This little baby is getting even sweeter with age. She’s been the constant in my life for the past 7+ years.

Yesterday, C’s mom and sister moved to Washington 😦 They ultimately will be happier, but of course we will miss them. On Wednesday 6/15, we went to Wine Steals in Hillcrest to send her off with love.
(My momma is missing from this picture because she was out of town. Bunny if you are reading this, I promise you were invited!) 🙂
If you know anything about me, you know I’m an Apple product freak. As if an iPhone isn’t enough, I caved and bought an iPad, MacBook Air and an Apple Watch. (I’m surprised we don’t own Apple TV actually now that I think about it). 
Anyway, watching the June 2016 Apple Keynote taught me a new obsession of mine:  
*close all activity rings on the apple watch… daily. 
(See CAL/MIN/HOUR) below. The activity app comes with the Apple Watch & syncs to your iPhone. It provides motivation to get moving! At the end of the day, I feel super productive and accomplished. 
CAL (red) = Daily move goal (you set the calories)
MIN (green) = Daily exercise goal (Apple pre-set to 30min/day)
HOUR (blue) = Daily stand goal (alerts you when you’ve been sitting idle for an hour).
This below screen shot shows my watch face. On June 16th, at 9:30pm I had 22% battery left on my watch. Since I have my ‘quiet hours’ from 9p-7a, the moon is displayed above the time. 
The numbers for calories/minutes/hour reflect the above activity rings 🙂 
The bottom row shows the current temperature, date and timer because I love to bake. All watch faces can be customized to your preference.

 I’m totally marketing for Apple on my blog 😉 I should probably work there because of how much I love their products lol.
Ok away from Apple and onto life lately!
Some recent snapchats of Zodi and me 🙂

A gorgeous view from my girlfriends house 🙂

Wine by candlelight
I am grateful for family, friends and wine. If you look closely in the photo above, a bug flew in my wine glass. lol. 
Thats all the time I have for this post. Life is happening so quickly due to being busy 🙂 Until next time xo

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