[tappan lake]

Remember me? Kinda sorta? 😉 I’m the author of this blog who LOVES blogging…but fails to blog daily 🙂 But thats ok, my intentions are good. We are finally back home after a 2 week vacation to our cabin in Ohio! I decided to leave my laptop at home and enjoy our time off. I am not ashamed to say after 14 days I could have stayed longer. (But I missed my mom & Zodi).

Our trip consisted of inner tubing on the lake, fishing, reading, nature walks, zip lining, beautiful runs, cooking, sleeping in and relaxing to the fullest.

[patiently waiting in the airport for our flight]


[one of many gorgeous runs]

[no caption needed if we’re being honest]

[probably one of my favorite pictures I captured while on a run]
[more fun on a run – even though he hates running]

[some damn tall trees]

[blurry while making smores]

[the first of many boat outings]

[one pair of my parents ❤ I spy an Apple watch!]

[I imagined this picture turning out differently, but it’ll do]

[smiles for days]

[one 1of the 10 fish he caught – impressive]

[1 out of 3, impressive x2]

[green pastures]


[enjoying the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen]

[zip-lining over wild animals]

[another catch for C]

[my 1 catch of the trip]

[contemplating walking up that monstrosity of a hill]
[literally dying as I snap a pic at the top of the monster hill – we did it!]

[one last pic before leaving]
Until next year! xo

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