[the yellow butterfly]

During our trip to Ohio I was able to enjoy several runs. Colby came with me on two of them, but the others I went solo. My experiences running (by myself) are different each time, yet I always find at least one thing that speaks to me. Something with meaning. Something that makes me take a mental step back to look at the big picture in life.

One bright afternoon of our vacation, I was a few minutes into my run and headed uphill. (I always dread the first mile because it lies to me. It takes me about a mile to fully warm up and enter my zone). As I struggled up the hill, I realized this hill was a lot larger than I originally thought. I slowed to a fast walk; arms fully swinging in hopes they would somehow push me to the top. At this point, a yellow butterfly flew in front of my face which I didn’t pay much attention to as I tried not to die from exhaustion. As I made it over the hill and continued my run, that butterfly continued to fly with and around me. When I started to feel slightly irritated, I stopped in my tracks and looked at it fluttering around me. “Hi, Grandma” came out of my mouth as I finally accepted this to be one of the first signs of her attempts to communicate with me. I noticed the sun slowly went behind the clouds, providing me with my preferred sky of overcast.  I invited her to join me for the duration of my run. I’m not going to say the same exact butterfly flew next to me until I finished my run – because it didn’t. But, I did see several yellow butterflies that day – even after my run concluded.

I specifically remember asking Grandma to send me signs that she was with me when she finally crossed over. After 2+ years of her being gone, I feel as if she finally sent one.

Or maybe, she’s been sending them all this time. Maybe running alone that day was the first time I actually paid attention and was able to receive her little yellow ‘hello’. xo


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