[feeling grateful]

The idea of friendship is incredibly delicate in my mind and heart. The fact that it takes two to make the friendship work. Giving each other space when/if needed. Reaching out just to say hi. It takes work, respect, kindness, effort, support, truth and love.
I’ve recently rekindled a friendship with a beautiful soul that I’ve had the pleasure in knowing since I was 5. It wasn’t that anything ever tore us apart, but rather life gently separated us. Getting to know her again has been refreshing and positive. She is kind, thoughtful and funny. She is the definition of a true, positive friend. I’m beyond thankful for her friendship and look forward to many years laughing together as friends.
And because I’m feeling extra grateful today…:)
Last weekend, C and I went to Palm Desert with my family. It’s an annual timeshare filled with sun, food, extreme heat, food, relaxation, extreme heat, fun, food and visiting.
Don’t forget the food + extreme heat! 😉
Although the heat isn’t a favorite of mine, I managed with tons of water, a hat, shade + swimming 🙂
We are so grateful for the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful location with family.
The day before we left for the desert, my mom and I had a Starbucks and pedicure date 🙂 These kinds of pictures make me feel thankful and blessed.
Court’s tea+  white polish
Mom’s frap + pink polish
Officially Palm Desert bound

Sushi dinner/Friday night


A beautiful (and hot) visit to Palm Desert | August 2016.
Just for kicks, here are a few pictures from our August 2015 PD trip that I just found 🙂


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