[WUW 8.17.16]

One of my favorite blogs to read regularly is a kind mom name Shay Shull. She blogs about her family, cooking recipes and her travel agency business. Her brother was the Bachelor a few years ago too, no big deal 🙂 
Anyways, Shay and her girlfriends answer fun questions on the last Wednesday of each month. It seemed like a unique way to stay up to date of whats going on lately 🙂 
Technically, today isn’t the last Wednesday of August but who cares? It’s my blog which means I get to make the rules 😉 
Here is my first entry of WUW:
What we’re eating this week
Monday – Panda Express
Tuesday – acai fruit bowls
Wednesday – grilled chicken with asparagus
Thursday – steak with green beans
Friday – dinner out 🙂 
What I’m reminiscing about
This summer, we were fortunate to enjoy time with my family in Ohio and Palm Desert. A lot of happy memories were created – and ultimately, isn’t that what life is made of? 

What I’m loving
WEEKENDS. Seriously! Being productive during the work week makes Friday feel like a treat. 
But specifically? Weekends at dusk are times I can’t get enough of. I don’t need to be watching the sunset on a beach or enjoying any crazy beautiful view. Its honestly just being outside before/around dusk. 
My favorite time of the week is a Saturday evening after the sun sets but it’s still totally light outside. (Even to go for a run ;))  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of day. Last Saturday, we happened to be on our way to Rubios at dusk to go pick up our to-go order. We were freshly showered, laughing and just plain happy! It felt good to know we had the rest of the night to enjoy together plus all day Sunday. After Rubios, we picked up frozen yogurt to watch during our movie that night. 
To put it simply, weekends help me recharge my battery – because we all know life can be really hard!  And annoying lol. I often try to be outside a few minutes before dusk in order to take it all in. 

What we’ve been up to
Working, exercising and enjoying life! Sounds basic, I know…but we don’t have kids so our lives are pretty repetitive unless we are on vacation lol. 
We stay really busy but make sure to have balance, too. Ever since I’ve been dedicated to closing my activity rings, we come home after work and exercise. My parents got me an elliptical for my 30th birthday (woohoo!) that we keep in our office room. It’s totally doable for me to hop on there for 30-40 minutes after work/before dinner. It has an iPad holder, so I stream my soap operas while getting my heart rate up. Not bad 🙂 While I do cardio, C runs up to our community gym to do his lifting. 
After exercising, we eat dinner, shower and crawl into bed around 9p. 
During the weekends, we are almost always with family and/or friends 🙂 

What I’m dreading
I have to go to Small Claims court next Monday 8/22 for a case that I personally think we are going to lose. The client filed Chapter 13 BK; yet I am STILL going. (Sigh). This is obviously not up to me. If it were, I would have already dismissed the case.  
I’m not at all excited to present this case to the judge because honestly, our documentation is weak. With strong documents of proof, I’m golden and barely nervous. But with this crapola case? My nerves will be through the roof that morning. A lot can happen between now and Monday, but it’s not looking good. 
I’ll need a legit reduced tax bill (confirmed by the county), an appropriate informal request, revised final collection docs AND a xanax in order to feel confident with this case. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m not holding my breath.

What I’m working on
Besides my anxiety, I’m working on collecting the big bucks at work. I’m working on finding a balance between work, play, exercise, laundry, responsibilities, relaxation, etc. This world we are living in is no joke, people. Why was I in such a rush to grow up as a kid? 
I’m also trying to be thin while craving junk food 100% of the time. This is a constant, annoying battle. I SWEAR I am 500 pounds at heart. I really like food. Right now, AS I TYPE THIS….I could easily inhale a bean and cheese burrito (from taco bell), wash it down with frozen yogurt followed by McDonalds fries. Again, something I’m working on 🙂 

What I’m excited about
ios10 software release this fall! iosWatch software release! iPhone7!
They will all be released to the public next month! There are big changes coming and I have a feeling we are going to enjoy them to the fullest. 

What I’m watching/reading
Big Brother 18 is a huge hit in our little home. (Yes, Season 18.) This show is insane. It comes on three (3) nights a week, along with Big Brother After Dark airing each night from 9-midnight. And don’t forget the live feeds 24/7. 
Don’t start watching this show unless you are prepared to get hooked.
I just finished The Silent Wife, which was pretty good. I’m currently looking for a new book to read. There are a few options in my kindle app cart, but having a hard time deciding on which one 🙂 They are both homicide mysteries. I need (and will) make a decision soon.

What I’m listening to
Smooth Jazz all the way. Thank you, Pandora. 

What I’m wearing
I’m not into fashion. My ‘go-to look’ most of the time is casual: skinny jeans with a cute top. 
And I hate wearing dresses. 
I would rather spend my money on running gear than on trendy clothes.
Shopping is a huge pain for me and takes forever. 
With that being said, I honestly do try to look nice and put together. 
My mom gave me this shirt for my birthday 🙂 
These Paige jeans are from Nordstrom, also a birthday gift from my mom. 
Jessica Simpson black wedges. 
Apple Watch
Bracelet from my stepmom (I have no idea the brand).
Nadri necklace. 

What I’m doing this weekend
C’s sister is in town this week and we plan to spend time with her this week before dropping her off at the airport on Friday night. She lives in Washington with C’s mom. Afterwards, we plan to have dinner with my mom and stepdad at El Comal.
Saturday we have plans with some friends. Sunday is Adulting Day: laundry, grocery shopping, exercising and getting ‘work-week ready’ as we like to call it lol. 
What I’m looking forward to next month
Besides the newest Apple hard/software release, there are a ton of birthdays to celebrate. Summer is almost over, which means I’m smiling big. This has been a hot one (today was 95 degrees). I am hopeful for cooler temps by late September to welcome Fall 🙂

What else is new
My parents added a little ray of sunshine to the Middleton family in July 2016.  
Meet KODA 🙂 

We love him so much already 🙂 I can’t wait to see him sooner rather than later. 
See you next time for What’s Up Wednesday 🙂 This is way too much to do on a weekly basis, so I’ll do it when I can 🙂 

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