It is a bittersweet realization that C and I have decided to move! For the past couple months, we’ve been talking about how nice it would be to have a home with an attached garage, yard and more space, in general. We’ve been living in our 1034 sq. ft. apartment for almost 2 years and agree we are over apartment living lol. Any guests have to park on the street, which is a pain.  This decision wasn’t set in stone until we received our lease renewal letter last Friday. The letter advised IF we plan to renew, our rent will be raised $200+ per month. Last year, it was raised $100 per month. We honestly feel the new monthly rent rate is too high for what we get to enjoy. 
Our lease is up mid-November, so the leasing office needs to be notified by mid-October of our plans to move. That gives us all of September (and half of October) to look. Fingers crossed we will find a cute home that gives us more for our money!  


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