[WUW 8.31.16]

Here’s another What’s Up Wednesday post because technically, these are supposed to be done the last Wednesday of each month.
These are so fun to keep up to date with what’s going on 🙂

1. What we’re eating this week
On Monday night, C made honey BBQ glazed chicken with green beans. It was amazing (as usual). I ate it all and couldn’t stop talking about it. Tuesday night after our workout, we raced to Nekter for acai bowls. Wednesday night I met a girlfriend for dinner a Panera 🙂 We each ordered a salad with soup. SO GOOD. I order the BBQ chicken salad with tomato soup. Tonight, we are going to cook steak with asparagus 🙂 Tomorrow we have dinner at my parents house; hamburgers and brats.
2. What I’m reminiscing about
Last Friday (8.26.16) was National Dog Day. It had been months since we took a decent (outdoor) pic of Noni, so after work we let her run wild in the semi- grassy area outside. We got the best pictures of her, although she doesn’t look overly happy with us 🙂

3. What I’m loving
My gel manicure (from last week) that STILL looks like I just got them done 🙂
Gel color: OPI Funny Bunny

4. What we’ve been up to
Celebrating my birthday with friends! Yes, it was definitely LAST month (lol), but life gets busy! On Thursday night, Teylor and I went to The Barrel Room in RB, which was a blast.
On Sunday, we went to Jason + Danielle’s house for dinner. We sat outside on the patio while enjoying dinner, wine and friendship 🙂
We didn’t take any pictures Sunday night (we were having too much fun). But here is a picture of their gorgeous canyon view that I can’t get enough of. This picture was taken when we were there in June 🙂
Last night, I went to dinner at Panera with Jamie to catch up and celebrate my 30th. Again, no pics were taken but we had such a nice time 🙂
5. What I’m dreading
Exercising tonight after work :/ Some nights I look forward to it – today not so much…
6. What I’m working on
Trying to find a new home for us. I blogged about it here. Wish us luck 🙂
7. What I’m excited about
Apple’s Keynote scheduled for September 7th. I’m certain Apple will reveal the iPhone7, POSSIBLE Apple watch 2 and other goodies 🙂
8. What I’m watching/reading
I’m still looking for a new book – one that interests me. I’m hopeful to find one within the next week or so.
Together: Big Brother, Bachelor in Paradise, American Gothic, Master Chef and Frasier.
Solo: When I hop on the elliptical, I switch between The Good Wife and Y&R.
Colby can almost always be found watching Big Brother Live Feeds 😉
OMG! We are obsessed with this show on Netflix. A little eerie, but definitely holds the viewers interest 🙂
9. What I’m listening to
Smooth Jazz on Pandora – nothing new here 🙂
10. What I’m wearing
I have zero cute outfits that are ready for posting, so I’ll just show this outfit of a blanket and little pup baby 🙂
11. What I’m doing this weekend
Celebrating my brother’s birthday. Other than that, we have NO plans and I love that 🙂
12. What I’m looking forward to next month (September 2016).
Potentially finding a place to live.
Downloading ios10 software (iPhone).
Downloading WatchOS software (apple watch).
Continuing to enjoy life with my little family (C + Noni).
13. What else is new
Last Saturday, I got some hair love 🙂 A little darker locks with a small, fresh trim.
I love getting my hair done 🙂 What woman doesn’t? 😉
One more thing:
On a positive note, I recently saw this stick figure drawing on Instagram.
It made me smile and reminded me we are in control of our happiness!
Until next time!

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